Dollar Tree DIY | Pumpkin Wreath

Welcome back to another post here on the blog. Maybe in 2017 I’ll  come up with a better intro. This post is definitely a better late than never one as I wanted to share a Thanksgiving wreath with you all. All products can be purchased as Dollar Tree (seasonally of course). Although this project is fall/Thanksgiving themed, you can make it work for any holiday with a few adjustments that I’ll note in a bit.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts/links to purchase  items featured.

Dollar Tree is a great place to go and find items to create quick and easy inexpensive products. Just note that it is the Dollar Tree so some of the crafty items aren’t as much quantity/quality as you would get from a craft store. For instance, the pumpkins that I purchased for this project are nearly paper thin, but with the adjustment I made, they worked out.

As for the items you’ll need:

  • cut out (pumpkin, ornament, tree, whatever you want)
  • burlap
  • ribbon
  • glue gun

For years I have been doing outreach with my church to a local nursing home. The ministry that I work with provides a church service once a month for the residents from November to May. With any holiday we make gifts for the residents and for the holidays. For Thanksgiving this year I decided to go with a pumpkin wreath. I try not  to duplicate my projects and I work with what is available in the stores and create my designs from there.

I prefer to go to the Dollar Tree for products like these simply because I have to make so many. I make anywhere from 35-40 projects. For Christmas, I try to make around 50 to not only give to the patients, but the staff as well.


To start off with this project I found the 12 pack of pumpkins at Dollar Tree and I picked up 3 packs. The burlap is from Michaels which I scored on clearance for 80% off. It’s not a lot on the roll, but for the amount that I was doing I had a little bit left over that I can carry on to another project. Now at Dollar Tree they have burlap and mesh, not a lot, but if you’re making smaller quantities it’ll do the job.

The phrase I used was from a bulletin at church:

Give thanks for all that the Lord has done.

I cut the burlap into strips and then into squares to and then alternated between the Thanksgiving burlap and maroon burlap. I made these all in one night and between writing the phrase, cutting and gluing the burlap, and adding the ribbon, it took me a few hours.

I would definitely recommend  cutting up the burlap before hand. It’s also easier to take it step by step. I wrote the phrase on all, added the burlap on all, then lastly added the ribbon. It may take longer trying to do each one separately. A uniform line is better. To write the phrase I simply used a permanent marker. For the material a thicker permanent marker may be better than a Sharpie. Since the pumpkins were pretty thin, the burlap did add some thickness to it.

So that’s it for this quick and easy DIY. For all the materials I paid under $10 and I ended up making 30 wreaths in total. I did have some burlap left over as well as a few pumpkins.

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