Planning for 2017: Traveler’s Notebook Set Up

Welcome to another edition of my Planning for 2017 series. I’ve shared quite a bit of reviews throughout this series. In this edition I wanted to share how I set up my Traveler’s Notebook which is often referred to as a Fauxdori. Click here for my entire Planning for 2017 series.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Alright so what exactly is a traveler’s notebook? What sizes are there? What the heck is Fauxdori? How much do they cost?

When I first came across the planner community it was great to find other creatives like myself. I’ve been an avid Happy Planner user for over a year and my planner stash has grown quite a bit. Yet, lately, I’ve been in love with the traveler’s notebook. A traveler’s notebook is a combo of smaller notebooks compiled into one with a sleek cover. Popular brands include the Midori, ChicSparrow, and The Foxy Fix. You can also search on Etsy for custom designs as well.

Prices and size really do vary depending on where  you’re getting it from and your personal preference.


So I found this string journal at Michaels on clearance. These are a regular $14.99 and I would never pay that much for this. You get 2 notebooks plus the cover. Inside there are two strings inside and a closure with a  charm attached. Note: These have been discontinued.

To set mine up I instantly searched on YouTube and Instagram for inspiration. I only had 2 notebooks so I knew I had to DIY some of them myself to fill this bad boy up. So that’s exactly what I did. I also went as far as to paint the notebooks that I did have. The acrylic paint definitely added more durability to the cover.


To make my own notebooks I used textured scrapbook paper (it’s thicker than standard scrapbook paper) that I had on hand as well as construction paper and regular printing paper. I also went as far as to add paper / washi on the inside cover and a few pages. I followed the steps from YouTuber, The Conquering Zero. In total, this bad boy holds 6 notebooks.

I shared a post earlier with this notebook where I created the Steelers schedule inside, but I hadn’t really used this notebook. After painting all the notebooks I found purpose for 3 of them. I made one with black construction paper that I want to use for black out spreads I just need to get a pen for that. So really, there’s 2 notebooks that don’t have a purpose at this point.

So the first notebook is what I like to call ‘Views from the 6.’ I actually have an entire vision board focusing on my goals of the year. This notebook in particular is to highlight some of my favorite memories of the year. As noted, I created an on the go Steelers schedule in addition to adding in my vacation week, my birthday week, a snapshot of my 2016 goals, movies I want to see, and Netflix shows I want to finish. The inserts I used for my weekly recaps are from LadyVDesignz on Etsy. I received those at the NY/NJ Planner Meet Up I went to back in August.


I also created a notebook to highlight the WWE PPVs. Yes, I’ve noted in many posts that I’m a fan. If you like something, don’t hide it. You like what you like. Anyway, for this notebook I used construction paper and the WWE stickers I purchased from Dollar Tree. That was one of the main reasons for creating this book so that I could use up a lot of the stickers I had been hoarding.

I plan on using this in 2017 as well and I’d love to get another cover. Until I find one that I want I’ll just swap in and out the inserts that I have/plan on making in the future. This is like a mini scrapbook. I like to call these my ‘happy pages’ since I’ll be experimenting and highlighting events more so than using them as a daily planner.

Once I use up these notebooks there are some shops that I would like to buy inserts/covers from.  Some are free to download as well.

I love my Happy Planner and I’m going to use my Personal-Planner or sure in 2017, but there’s something about this traveler’s notebook that’s addicting.

Unsure of what planner to use in 2017?

Check out the entire Planning for 2017 series here.

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