Planning for 2017: Horacio Printing

Welcome to another post here on the blog and another installment in my Planning for 2017 series. In this post I’ll be sharing my review of the Horacio Printing planner. Check out my entire Planning for 2017 series here.

Disclaimer: This planner was sent to me for review for the purpose of this series. All opinions are my own.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts/links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

What is Horacio Printing?

Horacio Printing is a Christian brand whose mission is to help individuals unlock their inner artist and connect with their God-Given purpose.  Horacio Printing was established in 2014 in New York City. Inspired by Erwin McManus’ book “The Artisan Soul,” our founder, Polly, began to create a tool to help her redesign her life into a work of art. She started by building a refocus cloud that helped her reduce/minimize distractions and the rest is history! In 2015, Horacio Printing funded a successful Kickstarter campaign and began to pledge 10% of every product sold to A21 is an incredible non-profit organization that is making a difference by fighting human trafficking globally.

Sizing / Pricing

  • Classic Planner  (8.5 x 6.5) – $43.50
  • Lovely Planner (8.5 x 6.5) – $44.50
  • Heavenly Planner (9 x 8) – $49.00

I was sent the Classic Planner which I requested. I love the black cover opposed to the pink and marble prints of the other two respectively.


  • Hardcover with Gold Foil (black & pink options with gold coil)


While the cover is nice and sleek. I will say that because it is black, of course there are fingerprints. I experienced the same issue with my Happy Planner cover I’ll be using in 2017 since it is black. Although there’s fingerprints left on the cover, the planner comes with a dust bag to put in in when you’re on the go. Will I be using it? Probably not, but it’s a great touch. I can’t see myself putting my planner in a bag inside my bag when I want to get to it quickly.

Note: The darker the cover, expect there to see fingerprints all over.



  • Vertical


What’s Inside?

  • Scriptures on Every Page
  • Pockets
  • New Pages in Dream Planning
  • Two Page Weekly Spread
  • Two Page Monthly Spread
  • Dream Planning Exercise
  • Refocus Cloud Exercise
  • Monthly Praise Reports
  • Seasonal Prayers / Refresh Section


I will be using this planner as my devotional and although I plan on reflecting each day on what I read, the classic look of this planner will be perfect to archive for future reference.


I will use the monthly page to mark in scriptures for that day based off the devotionals that I use. For the weekly spread I will use the to-do list. There is a shaded area where I will write the scripture and use the non-shaded portion to reflect. I could also reverse this by putting the scripture at the bottom and and use the shaded area for my personal reflection since there is more shaded space than non-shaded.

I love that the planner is broken into seasons. It will be great for me to stay on top of my devotionals in addition to holding myself accountable for what I want to accomplish in 2017. The exercise pages at the beginning of each season really puts into perspective what you accomplished the first 3 months of the year and what else  you want to get done along the way.



  • Snap In Bookmark, With Gold Foil Accents
  • Printed Linen Bag

Never have I EVER Had a dust bag for a planner!


  • Priority First Class Shipping – $7.50
  • International Priority – $20.00



Bank Or Tank?

I would definitely BANK this planner.

I cannot express to you all how much I LOVE this planner. I’ll be using my HP for my typical decorative planning, my Plum Papaer for play planning, my Purple Trail for business, and my Personal-Planner for day to day throw in my bag. This planner though is  a BEAUTY! Absolute beauty.

If you’re looking for a luxe look, I would highly recommend this one.This planner is great for those people that like a nice, simple, clean look.

Unsure of what planner to use in 2017?

Check out the entire Planning for 2017 series here.

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