Motivational Monday | Dealing with Depression (Pt. 3)

When you accept responsibility for other people’s decisions you take on a burden that will only depress you. At best you can influence people but you can’t control them. The final decision is theirs, so don’t let yourself get down over something that you can’t control.

There have been too many times that I have wallowed and self-destructed by worrying about what other people have thought about me. I have tried to control their perceptions. I have tried to control countless situations to just make myself feel better. I was looking for some kind of validation. I constantly put myself down and question my decisions based off someone agreeing with me or not.


The older I get a lot of my anxiety stems from me not being sure in myself. Confidence in my skills and even my appearance have affected me. Seeing the interactions with people around me with others affects me a lot. I’m always worrying. Sometimes it feels like I’m never happy. What’s missing? Why do I still feel empty?

Any time you try to convict, convince, convert, control, or change another person, you’re setting yourself up for misery.

I don’t like for people to be mad at me then again I have quite the temper. There’s two levels with me, I can talk you down or I just let it go and suppress how I feel. In both I always wonder what I could have said versus what I should have said differently. I’m always battling myself. It’s like I put myself on trial to try to find out if I’m guilty or not. How can I be guilty for saying how I feel? Why make myself feel guilty for being different?

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