Planning for 2017: Personal-Planner Vs. Purple Trail

Welcome to another edition of my Planning for 2017 series. In this edition I’ll be sharing a battle of the brands with Personal-Planner vs. Purple Trail. I reviewed each planner separately so be sure to check out the series here.

Disclaimer: Both planners were sent to me for review for this series. All opinions are my own.

As always be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

What is Personal-Planner?

Design your own planner and choose your own cover and layout, content and starting month. You can also choose to include your own personal dates, maps, coloring pages, etc. They offer notebooks and wall calendars as well.

COUPON CODE: C-HAOT-IC16 (expires 11/14/16)

What is Purple Trail?

Custom invitations, stationery and gifts, and of course planners. Purple Trail provides you with inspiration and tools, and lets you do the rest! The site is loaded the site with professional designs to choose from. You can easily pick one; add your details and you are done. Or, change it up a bit by moving things around and adding special touches. The possibilities are endless

To make it easier to compare the two planners I decided to categorize what’s important: coil, cover quality, size, layout, add-ons/customization, pricing, paper quality, and shipping. I decided to compare these two planners since their sizes and designs were similar.


From the chart I created it’s clear to see that I’m more in favor of the Personal-Planner. Looking closer at Purple Trail, I love the coil and their cover quality. They have three different cover versions, but having the option to laminate a cover always trumps the competition for me. Laminated covers hold up better and Purple Trail has a special touch with theirs in which all four corners on the front and back covers are bent.

While the quality of this planner is absolutely AMAZING, pricing is a huge downside to this planner. Out of the 17 add-on options that are available, each one is an additional $3.95. While the paper quality trumps the competition, the downside to that is that this planner, especially if you want  the 18-month option, it’s like carrying around my English books from college. It’s pretty heavy.

Pricing for Purple Trail here in the U.S. ranges from $9.99 for standard to $34.95 for Expedited. If you’re not in the U.S. the pricing is even higher. Personal-Planner has a downside of not providing a tracking number and the shipping time is 3 weeks, but the prices that they have for their planners include all tax and shipping regardless of your location.

My key issue with this the Personal-Planner is how it is bound together. The pricing is amazing as you get add-on’s While all that is great, how great is it if the planner doesn’t hold up? I plan on using this planner as an every day planner due to its size and how lightweight it is, but will it stay together is the main question.

It’s amazing that both planners offer add-ons, but Personal-Planner includes theirs in their base price. The planner I chose cost $39.95 and I was able to not only include add-ons but customize how many pages of the add-on (with limitations of course) in addition to customizing  modules in the layout from space for a work schedule plus birthdays.\


When it comes down to it, Personal-Planner wins. The pricing is suitable for all. Planning is not meant to be expensive. Of course you want to add your goodies to it and if you’re unsure of a sticker kit working, stick to functional icons. I’m not quite sure how the coil will hold up all year round (I’ll provide further review), but it’s easier to carry around. The Purple Trail planner is heavy and bulky and not ideal for on-the-go. Aside from the price, your planner is meant to help make life easier, not weigh you down.


Unsure of what planner to use in 2017?

Check out the entire Planning for 2017 series here.


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