Planning for 2017: Purple Trail Planner

Welcome to part 2 of my  Planning for 2017 series. In this series I’ll be sharing some planner reviews with you guys, putting some to battle against each other, and then tying everything up with an ultimate guide. So, who’s ready? This post will be covering Purple Trail. Check out my entire Planning for 2017 series here.

Disclaimer: This planner was sent to me for review for the purpose of this series. All opinions are my own.

As always be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

What is Purple Trail?

Custom invitations, stationery and gifts, and of course planners. PurpleTrail provides you with inspiration and tools, and lets you do the rest! The site is loaded the site with professional designs to choose from. You can easily pick one; add your details and you are done. Or, change it up a bit by moving things around and adding special touches. The possibilities are endless.

When creating the planner you can choose the size, type of cover, inside pages, inside layout, select your start date, choose add-ons, plus choose the option of a design review (to correct any mistakes in design).

Sizing  / Price:

  • 6″ x 8″: $36.95 (soft cover) / $44.95 (hard cover) /  $46.95 (binder)
  • 8.5″ x 11″ : $46.95 (soft cover) / $54.95 (hard cover) /  $56.95 (binder)

I chose the 6″ x 8″ hard cover (Harry Potter design).

Note: Pricing varies based on the cover type you choose. Price will increase depending on the extras you add to it.



  • Synthetic
  • Laminate (10 mil)
  • Hard Cover

Depending on the cover design you choose, there is an option to add photos. The lamination of this is top notch, wonderful coil, and the ends are bent. I thought it was a faulty part, but after using the planner for over a month, the rounded bent corners make a difference.

Types of Planners

  • 2017 (or whatever year) daily, weekly, monthly
  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Mom
  • Wedding



  • Horizontal Weekly
  • Vertical Weekly
  • Vertical Hourly

Inside Pages Layout

  • 12 month weekly
  • 18 month weekly
  • 24 months monthly
  • 3 Months Daily Planner (+5)
  • 6 Months Daily Planner (+5)


One of the major things I dislike about this planner is although you can begin at any month you want, the planner ends in a weird spot. I began mine in September 2016 and it will be finished in February of 2017. I love that you can begin in whatever month you choose, but it would be more useful if it continued to the end of a full calendar year instead of adding a few months of a new one.

Another issue I have with the layout is the wasted space at the end of the month. For example, Halloween was on a Monday so in a typical planner (such as my Happy Planner), the week starts in the month of November. With this planner it not only starts in November, but it’s left over in October as well. To be that’s was

Extras (17 options total)

  • Sticker pack ($7) + folder ($5) (combo $10)
  • Notes Pages
  • Baby Tracker
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Appointment Tracker
  • Dotted Grid
  • Puzzle & Games

Note: Each add-on is $3.95.

I added lined pages and the sticker pack / folder combo. Just take note, the more you add on not only does the pricing increase, but the thickness does as well.


Shipping time depends on what option you choose: standard/priority/expedited. They have amazing customer service along with a live chat available. With standard shipping, it took less than a week for me to get my planner. As for pricing in the U.S. shipping:

  • Standard: $9.99
  • Priority: $19.95
  • Expedited: $34.95

Pricing outside of the U.S. is pretty pricey going all the way up to $65.95 for standard.

Note: For more information for shipping outside the U.S., click here.


Bank Or Tank?

For PRICING reasons, I would have to TANK this planner. The paper quality is amazing. Seriously, it’s by far the best paper I’ve seen in a planner (thick, 80lb). There’s a lot you can add to it, but unless you’re keeping it basic, it’s a pretty penny and pretty thick. If you keep it basic it’s a wonderful planner to have.

Unsure of what planner to use in 2017?

Check out the entire Planning for 2017 series here.

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