Plan With Me | Hello November

Why hello there November. I wanted to share my first week spread with you all. My Planning for 2017 series is coming this week and giveaways are coming in December on the blog. Before we get into the fun, let’s get back to the planning.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

The main difference in this spread was completely covering all 6 boxes of the weekend. I usually take scrapbook paper and cover the sidebar, but I had these precut full boxes on hand that I don’t really use anymore, so it was really the focal point of this spread.

The paper I used was self-adhesive and I eyeballed to make them fit the boxes of the Happy Planner that I have, but as I noted, regular scrapbook paper works fine. I would definitely recommend the regular sheets opposed to the textured ones; less bulk.

Although Halloween fell on a Monday, I decided to go with more of a fall themed spread than another Halloween one. I used a deco sheet from Ninja Planner and one fall sheet from the Happy Planner Seasonal Box Kit that I purchased. Major props to Happy Planner for their extensive sticker book collections that they’re releasing.

Since I covered the weekend with full boxes, I skipped out on the scrapbook paper on the sidebar. For my sidebar I took one of the backings of the full boxes and used it to cover the calendar. I could’ve used a quote, but instead I took some of the deco stickers to fill the space. To finis off my sidebar, I added in a weekly to do list and a list for my blog posts of the week, plus some more deco at the bottom.

Planner Tip: If you have similar full boxes, try using them to fill up your weekend and then layering icon stickers & half/quarter boxes on top. Great backdrop and a weekend banner is optional. 

I typically like to place my daily to do’s in various boxes, but I decided to line them up all across the top. The uniform look really worked especially with the entire weekend covered.  The checklists that came on that Happy Planner sticker sheet had 5 checklists, and although I typically go for a top 3 of the day, I could easily cover up the extras with a quarter box or larger icon to fill the space.

I managed to use all of the deco on the sticker sheet since I wouldn’t use it in any other spread. For example, I took the pie sticker and used it to mark that I wanted to meal prep. I also took the pumpkin to mark in  a note on Tuesday and I took one of the larger deco stickers and put in an event I’m going to on Saturday.

Planner Tip: Make use of your plain larger deco stickers. Write on them if you need to annotate an event/birthday/meeting, etc. 

Be sure to click the links below for washi and stickers/similar styles used:


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