Halloween Plan With Me | Happy Planner + Plum Paper Planner

Welcome to another Plan with Me here on the blog. I feel as if this series/planning is a bit redundant so I plan on switching things up. Be on the lookout for my Planning for 2017 series in November plus GIVEAWAYS in December that will be on my Instagram (@ChaoticCritic). If you haven’t already or are new to the blog, check out my Planning for Beginners series here.

To switch things up a bit I decided to do a double plan with me. For those that watch the videos, I’ll be doing a mix of both music and voiceover videos from here on out.

As always be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I’ll be doing a thorough comparison between the Happy Planner and Plum Paper Planner so be on the lookout for that. Starting out with the Happy Planner, I wanted to use a personal size planner sheet that I received at the NY/NJ Planner meetup over the Summer from LillySkysDream.

Let’s start with my Happy Planenr. I used sticker paper strips that I had left over to cover the design at the bottom. I then took the washi that came in the kit and although it was thinner, it worked out great on the bottom. As for the other washi, I used the spider web washi that I got from my friends from Target and I created full boxes on the bottom with that and I took the thick bat washi tape and alternated full boxes in the middle.

Planner Tip: If you are unsure of what to do with the washi that comes in the kit, you can not only put it on the bottom, but you can use it to mark off longer portions of time in your boxes. When it doubt, ‘washi it out.’

I’ve noted before that I love the banner that NikkiPlusThree creates for the weekend and in her sidebar. Since the weekend banner was a bit smaller, I just mixed and matched the washi tape to create the backdrop. I love how it turned out. The sticker book I used, ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow,’ I found at AC Moore. They are starting to get in more $1 sticker books, but the best place to find them whether they’re Darice or Creatology, is definitely Michaels.

The kit was the perfect size to get through this spread. I knew I wasn’t going to use these stickers any other time. Also in using a personal size kit like this one, while the boxes are not quarter or full boxes and do not fit the width of the boxes, I center them and used them to mark my work days plus my TV shows for the week.

Planner Tip: If you’re looking to trying out different spreads without the excess of stickers, look for personal size planner kits or some shops also offer sampler sheets that have quite the variety. 

Moving on to the Plum Paper Planner, I used window clings that my grandmother found for me from Dollar Tree. Yes, stickers like these can easily bulk up a planner, especially a coiled one, but hey, it worked. They were larger stickers so I placed one on in the corner of one page and then the corner of the other.

I used the left over stickers I had in the kit that I could and just used pen for the rest. I’ll be sharing my review on the Plum Paper Planner soon, but I like to use it as a memory planner. I’ll be showing more spreads in the future of creating spreads using the simplest items. Yes, no Etsy stickers people.

Stickers/Washi Used (Please note: Most shops may have removed their Halloween kits):

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