What’s In My Work Bag

Why hello there and welcome to another post here on the blog. This post is a little different and I want to share what I carry in my work bag. I mentioned back in July that I had quit my job of 6 years with no backup plan and thankfully since then I have landed another position. I am in the office 3 days a week, cheers to that, but still in all there’s essentials I need to have with me in order to function.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

So, what is my work bag? For one, I never had a work bag. I worked at a daycare. What did I need one for? A work bag for me are the essentials that I need to work with easy to reach personal items. The bag that I use is a genuine leather briefcase that my grandmother gave to me. Where she finds these things, I don’t know. The bag has 5 compartments: 1 zipper in the front and back, 2 larger compartments, and then a zippered pouch in the middle. To keep it all together there is a buck in the front in addition to a long shoulder strap.

Now for what’s inside. In the front pocket I keep my wallet, pencils, and pen. I used to carry a larger wallet, but my Coach wristlet has been my go to for a couple years now. It’s easy to grab as well if I’m running to my car and it clips on to my keys. In the back pocket I keep my headphones. I like to listen to music depending on what project I’m working on or if I’m working on a video.


For the two larger compartments there’s not much to it. In the front one I keep my clear bag that has all my persona essentials from lotion to hand sanitizer, vaseline, advil and whatever else i feel I’ll need. You can find bags like these just about anywhere, but thanks to my grandma again for this one.

In the other larger compartment I keep my Padfolio. For those that don’t know what that is, it’s a cute way of carrying around a large pad. The one I have has a clip on the front which is great when I have to take notes in meetings, but I honestly don’t use it. This padfolio houses everything for work. I keep a monthly calendar taped to the front, important papers clipped underneath the pad, and my memo pad has everything I need to reference and what I’m working on.

I do not have a planner for work. I know, surprising. I’m only in the office two days a week and a standard planner would not fit all that I have to get done in a day so the memo pad works for me. I have plenty to replace this with and as I do I’ll use the middle pocket to keep all of them since I don’t have anything in there right now.

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