Sound Off: Final Debate

Well, well, well, it’s that time my fellow Americans. The final debate between Hilary Clinton and Donal Trump has commenced and I have quite the headache. First off, whether you’re FOR or AGAINST the you should have been watching the debate. You need to know what these candidates claim they will do upon winning the presidential race and the state that this country will be in. We’re in this now so you might as well just get with it.

Yes it was hostile, sarcastic, repetitive by some responses, but it was a far cry from the shit show that happened during their first encounter.

First let me give major props to this moderator, Fox’s Chris Wallace, because he was WAY better than round 1’s moderator. How are you a MODERATING when Trump was on the debate team plus calling the shots of who answered what. Hello, Trump was yelling at you, not allowing you to do your job. NO SIR!  A lot more was accomplished and the audience was in check to shut it and pay attention.

This post is not  meant to be a summary of the issues discussed, you can google where they stand. This goes beyond the fact that you need to VOTE! This post is about what’s about to happen in this country if you choose not to. It’s about to GO DOWN! We’re 3 weeks out of the election, November 8th. Let’s get to it.

So this debate, aside from the Hillary’s constant smirk and Donald’s pout, included topics: the Supreme Court, guns, abortion, immigration, the economy, and more. There were a lot of repetitive answers from Trump, note taking from Hillary, talking over the moderator from both candidates, and lastly the constant low blows at each other.

Here’s some highlights:

Donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger.

-Hillary Clinton

We’re in a country where a lot of men feel this way. There’s a lot of male chauvinist pigs that do not respect the fact that a woman works. All she’s still good for in their eyes is cooking, cleaning, and making babies. There’s so many entrepreneurial women Trump, in my eyes, has always been degrading. Hey, it could just be his personality, but come on the whole entire campaign has been a joke, literally. The crazy thing is, we live in a society where people support this behavior. We live in a society where people ARE DONALD TRUMP.

Nobody has more respect for women than I do.

-Donald Trump

The comments from trump DIDN’T end there.

We’ve heard this before Hillary.

Such a nasty woman.

I will do more for African Americans and Latinos than she will.

Last time I checked this is the man that can’t stand Mexicans, wants to build a wall to keep them out and watched a BLACK woman be pushed, shoved, and surrounded by men at his rally. Insert MAJOR side eye emoji and let’s move on. Both candidates have said a lot of things that they can try to cover up because TRUST neither are innocent. Everyone has their dirt, I get that. What I hate is that this election and the state of this country has been turned into a joke. Americans don’t take America seriously so how will other countries?

Donald can make all the jokes he want. People can take a naked mannequin and put Hillary’s face on it. They can go back and forth with low blow for low blow. Whether you agree or disagree with who’s running, we have to get to the polls. In order to MAKE America GREAT again, we have to take our rights as Americans seriously.

I could go on and on about my dislike for Trump. The people that dislike him and didn’t take him seriously are the same people that didn’t VOTE in the primaries and the man was chosen as the Republican candidate. It’s about to go down people. I hope you’re ready.

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