Cheers to 25

It’s official, I’m 25 and this post is long overdue. I mean to post on my actual birthday, October 15th, but as life would have it, I didn’t. I then meant to post it Sunday or Monday, again I just didn’t.

Did I enjoy my mini break/hiatus. Ok, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a hiatus, but I did enjoy a break. I love creating content and sharing it with anyone who reads it. Sometimes a break is what you need to really enjoy and live in the moment. That was the dose of reality I needed.

So, ‘Cheers to 25?’ That’s all I’ve been saying for a few months now. What will make this year different? What are my goals for this year?

  • More traveling
  • More reading
  • More smiling 🙂
  • More Projects – Collaborations with other brands/bloggers.
  • More Concerts / wrestling PPVs (Yes, I’m a fan)
  • Forgiveness

As I get older, I no longer want to hold malice towards other people who have done something to me at one point or another. I can no longer allow people to have that power over me. All that does is feed my anxiety which leaves me helpless and the other people move on. I cannot keep trapping myself in my emotions. I have to move forward. Forgiving is not forgetting, but the anger inside cannot continue. I’m entirely too young for the frowns and wrinkles. I need to continuously smile and be thankful for what I have and what God will put into my life.

My friends have called me a ‘grandma’ since I prefer to stay in the house or be by myself. Sometimes, that’s just what I want to do and that will not change. I do want to explore more. I’d love to go to Europe. Who’s to say that’ll happen within the next year, but I’m not saying it won’t either.

Chaotic Critic is my baby and it’s a brand that I am working hard on taking to the next level.  I’m currently working on a project, Planning for 2017 which is an expansion of my Planning for Beginners series. I’m excited to continue series as such on my blog with helps of other brands and fellow bloggers.

So, yes, CHEERS TO 25! May you enable me to push and be my best, nothing less.

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