Plan With Me | Birthday Week

It’s officially my birthday week so of course I had to share my planner spread for the occasion. I was deciding between whether two kits and the one I chose I could not be happier with. It’s filled with lots of glam and even if it’s not your birthday, who doesn’t love glam.

As always be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

The kit I used for this spread was from ArtBoxStickers. Unfortunately the shop is no longer open (alternatives are linked below). This spread did take me longer than most spreads because I wanted it to be perfect. I’m going to look back at this so why not have it be to my liking. I usually go with a ‘white space’ style, but I went with ‘no white space’ being that I wanted to use as much of the it as I could and not duplicate in future spreads.

Planner Tip: If a kit comes with a lot of stickers, think of using them elsewhere. I’ve used stickers in more than one spread before and was able to achieve two different looks. For instance, if you have a personal planner you can use the extra stickers for that. If not, search for personal size kits which would be just enough for a basic spread with no leftovers. They’re cheaper as well. 

The Heidi Swapp photo box tape is a huge focal point in this spread. I didn’t have any foiled washi, but I had this tape in my stash that I scored from Michaels a couple months ago. I used it to not only fill in certain areas, but to create full boxes as well. It’s definitely ‘no white space’ for the bottom.

Planner Tip: A ‘no white space’ spread is when the entire spread is completely covered, top to bottom, in stickers. A ‘white space spread’ is what it says, white space. You use more icons and space the full/half boxes to your liking. 

For the top I decided to do a ‘To Do’ list all the way across. I tried out just doing it for Monday to Friday, but it didn’t look right so I added the header in for the weekend as well. I also typically prefer ombre hear checklists instead of the page flag checklists, but I love how this turned out. I initially used a half box with washi to mark my work schedule for Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, but for a clean look I did the checklists all the way across, minus Saturday. Lastly with the checklists, I typically like to cut them and do my top 3 of the day, but I left them as is.

I haven’t used full boxes in the middle in quite some time, but I really wanted them to be a focal part of this spread. Being that these stickers were made for the Erin Condren, I used the Hedi Swapp tape to fill in the gap on the top and the bottom and then put the full boxes in the middle.

Planner Tip: Experiement with different kinds of tape. I’ve used duct tape and fabric tape in my planner. Fabric tape stretches and duct tape isn’t easy to peel up if you mess up. Just be careful when doing so.

The sidebar is pretty basic. I always make a list for my blog posts of the week and one for a general to do list for the week. I kept the blog post list, added in my tracker fro YouTube and Instagram numbers and then added a checklist for what I need to do next week.

Lastly, let’s focus on my birthday. Similar to last year, I completely blocked off my birthday. I used a full box in the middle and the Heidi Swapp tape on top. The bottom box was layered washi from the kit with a full box and some ItsPlanningTime stickers. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to write in my birthday so I layered some stickers and then wrote the rest in. Pretty simple.

Planner Tip: Play around with your half boxes. They don’t always have to be horizontal. Try placing them vertical as well and then layering stickers.

Click the links below to purchase stickers/washi to recreate a similar spread of your own:

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