Fall Home Decor

Cheers to another post! I wanted to share my fall home decor with you all. I’ll be having Thanksgiving at my house this year, so I thought I’d go beyond my norm and decorate for the season. Fall is my favorite season, but for most holidays I just swap bout my table cloth in my dining room and leave it as is. Christmas? That’s completely different.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

When it comes to inexpensive, yet super cute home decor, Dollar Tree is always my first stop. All of the pumpkins that I have on my table are from Dollar Tree. The trick with Dollar Tree is that you have to shop multiple locations since every Dollar Tree is different. They’re all over the place so that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

My favorite pumpkins from Dollar Tree are definitely the real looking ones. I have a few glitter that my grandmother found for me, but the real looking ones give a more authentic look. The pumpkin of all pumpkins on my table would have to be the rose gold one. I would’ve like 2 or 3 to spread out, but I found this lonely pumpkin at the register and newer found another again. I saw that they have reindeers like this and I’ve been stalking the store to see when they stock.


Aside from the pumpkins, everything else on my table I found somewhere in my home. If you’re super organized you probably have all your holiday decorations contained somewhere. As for me, I’m still in the process of purging a lot in my home so I find tid bits just about everywhere.

My grandmother is quite a thrifter and a lot of the stuff she’s accumulated over time. So, there’s the huge scarecrow that I wasn’t necessarily sure would work with my design since it’s so huge, but it worked out great. The little scarecrow and the hayride just added to the look.

Let’s talk floral arrangements. This floral arrangement is actually separate from the basket, it just happened to fit in the basket perfectly. Floral arrangement, for me faux floral arrangements, work for any season. I love this one because I can transition it into any centerpiece I create with no problem.

When it comes to DIYs for home decor, they’re fun. If you’re crafty, it’s something you love to do. The thing with DIYs is that it’s not always worth doing. At times you’re better off buying what you saw in the store because the supplies can equal the same amount or cost more. I mean, if you’re into a more customized look then go right ahead, but always price match.

One key thing to my table is having a plastic cover over my table cloth. When my nephews come over they pull out the play doh, markers, and whatever else they can to make a mess. They’re kids, it’s in their nature. I’d rather clean my plastic cover, or replace it if need be, than to scrub a stain out of my table cloth. Kids are kids and although I love my home decor to be a certain way, I still have to keep my home functional for my company.

Alright, let’s sum it up:

  • For cute seasonal tid bits, head to the Dollar Tree (or whatever dollar store you have).
  • Before buying larger pieces, SHOP YOUR HOME!
  • DIY where you can. Not everything is worth doing yourself.

Ready to shop for fall decor? Click the links below to some of my favorites.

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