Sticker Organization Pt. 2 | Etsy Stickers

Welcome to another post here on the blog. Back to back posts? I know, let’s go with it. Today we’re talking more sticker storage and this time for those lovely Etsy stickers. The worst thing about buying stickers is when you’ve accumulated so much, but have no where to put them. In my previous post I provided several options for how I store my regular stickers in my sticker stash, but this post is all about Etsy.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

There are two key factors you have to consider when organizing your Etsy stickers: size and categories. When I first bought Etsy stickers, I honestly had no clue how to store them. It was  new territory to me and depending on the shop I ordered from, they ranged in various sizes. Aside from the size I wasn’t sure on how I wanted to categorize them.

I first tried putting them in this cool, or cool at the time, photo box that I had found at Target. If you’re someone that likes to buy smaller sheets, this would work for you. As my collection grew, I tried a smaller accordion folder and had cut the sticker sheets to fit into it and I had organized it by shop. That worked, but that system didn’t last long since I bought from more shops and had no space to store them that  way.

I then went on to try the binder system. I was really sloppy in creating this and at the time I didn’t care, but the system was not working. I used file folders and glued, even hot glued some of the sheets. This is when I started thinking about categories, but it didn’t work.

I finally found planner peace with the Darice Spectrafile. It’s an accordion folder, but it stands. I’ve seen a lot of people use this to store their stickers so I ordered mine on amazon. At the time I purchased it it was under $7 plus I used Prime shipping. The price has increased to $13 so the one from the Container store which is basically identical might be the better option price wise.

Still, I grew out of my storage, forcing me to reconsider my storage. I decided to pull out an Target Dollar Spot accordion folder I had (yes for $1) and I decided to futher organize my stickers. My Darice Spectrafile would hold the stickers I used more frequently while the other accordion folder would be the extras. My categories include:


Links to purchase storage options plus featured are below:

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2 thoughts on “Sticker Organization Pt. 2 | Etsy Stickers

  1. I bought one of those Darice accordion folders from the Container Store when I was going to be a Real Adult and keep all my receipts organized, but it never came to fruition. Instead, I’m still a Barely Adult, and I use that to store my multi-sheet planner kits. Each kit gets its own slot so things don’t get mixed up and lost. It’s been such a life saver because a) sheets aren’t getting mixed in with other stickers/kits and going missing and b) I can tell at a glance how many kits I currently have so I can decide whether I should buy more or if I need to use the ones I already have first.

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