Sticker Organization Pt. 1 | Sticker Stash

Welcome to another post here on the blog. In this post I’ll be sharing my my updated  sticker organization. I have my stickers divided by Etsy stickers versus miscellaneous stickers that I store in binders and my disc bound notebooks. I wanted to share my updated organization as a way to give ideas to new planners as well as ‘seasoned’ / ‘veteran’ planners looking for storage ideas for their overflowing collections.

As always, be sure to click out my click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

My sticker stash has definitely grown since I started planning May 2015 I started off with buying the $1 sticker books at Michaels. Then I started racking up on stickers from Hobby Lobby (ThePaperStudio) when they were on sale. Then here and there I would just keep adding stickers and my collection has grown quite a bit.

When it comes to my non-Etsy sticker stash, I use multiple storage systems:

  • Mini Binders
  • Discound Sticker Books
  • Small Tackle Boxes
  • Large Accordion Folder


The mini binders house majority of my stickers. I have one specifically for my seasonal stickers. That binder is divided by seasons and within each season the holidays that follow. As for the other two mini binders, I was really able to further organize my stickers. Sections I have include one for Erin Condren, Heidi Swapp, sports, special occasion. I also created DIY protective sheets from cutting larger ones to size. Really easy, just close the opening with washi tape.

PicMonkey Collage-8.jpg

Within my mini binders I hole punched post-it pockets which help corral the small stickers that I have that I’ve cut up for whatever reason when working on a spread or another DIY.


The discbound sticker books are quite the trend in the planner world. I created mine last year as a way to have easy access to my Darice sticker books. I use the MAMBI discs which are $4.99 or you can go to Staples and they have discs there as well. If you’re looking online, Levenger.Com has a wide variety.

Since then my sticker book collection has grown but I now have 4 sticker books. One is specifically for seasonal stickers and the other two have a mixture of Darice stickers that I’ve impulsively (no judgement) purchased within the last year.


I also have a larger accordion folder that holds my larger sticker sheets that I’ve purchased from Hobby Lobby and the odd shaped ones from the Target Dollar spot. In the front of that folder I keep my DIY dashboards. One has a closure and the other two were made from Dollar Tree self-laminating sheets.

I purchaed the small tackle boxes from Dollar Tree. The larger of the two currently holds my Michaels recollections stickers. They’re all cut up from previous storage that I had. I  will say that because the slots are so deep the stickers move around.


The smaller tackle box houses my DIY TV stickers. I made these using pic monkey and pages. I took the image from google, made a collage and then made a collage on PicMonkey. From there I saved the picture to my desktop and then dragged it into pages. The dimensions I use when creating my stickers are 1.9 x 1.5. I then clicked stretch which works perfectly when printing and when creating full boxes, this completely takes up a full box in my planner.

Clearly I made a lot of these stickers and it’s easier to cut them and store them this way for me. I did print them on glossy paper since that’s what I had on hand. Sticker paper I’ve used before was from Staples.

Ready to organize your stash? Click the links below to purchase storage options.


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4 thoughts on “Sticker Organization Pt. 1 | Sticker Stash

  1. I’ve been searching for a good sticker storage system. Right now I use a couple mini binders I got for a couple bucks on Amazon, but I love the tackle box idea! I have a couple old storage boxes like that which I no longer have a use for but don’t want to throw out (because as soon as I do, I’d find that I needed one). It never occurred to me to use them for stickers, especially since I have a ton of 3D stickers that don’t really fit in the binders.

    Thanks so much for this post! You gave me some great ideas!

    1. Glad you found ideas in this post. Mission accomplished! Also with the storage boxes, to further organize, you can add cards in between to categorize. Thanks for reading!

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