Motivational Monday | Contentment

Why hello there Monday. This past weekend I went to a tea & tricky tray at my friends church. They’ve been having this fundraiser for a few years now and I enjoy going. Their Pastor gave a quick and short message in regards to containment and I just had to share.

I finally got a job after being unemployed for nearly two months. I mean, it could’ve been worse. Is it all that I dreamed of in a position? Is it full time? Is the pay exactly what I wanted? Am I happy? I mean, happiness and lack of pay were two of the main reasons of why I quit my job at the daycare in the first place. Is this new opportunity the one?

There’s so many times God gives us opportunities, yet we can never be grateful enough to accept them. We’re so trained to “want, want, want,” that we can never enjoy what we actually have. Is there ever any contentment?

The message that the Pastor gave was to be thankful for what we have because the continuous want will not get us anywhere. Why should we be rewarded with something new when we can’t accept what was given to us? A lot of the times we get what we ask for and sometimes what we ask for isn’t all we thought it would be. Our lives have been designed for us and those ‘wants’ that we really don’t want become lessons to be learned.

That message really hit me because here I am with a great job opportunity, yet I want more. I kept hoping that I would get a job before my birthday, which I’m so blessed to have, yet I want more. I want another source of income. I don’t want to be just comfortable anymore. I want to excel. I just started this job and before I can even really enjoy and take in the amazing opportunity, I’m thinking, ‘what’s next?’

I look at other people around me and how much they’re making, where they’re working, where they’re traveling, what they buy. I become so fixated on the lives of others and the competition of wanting to get to their level that I lose track of my life. I lose sight of my own destiny trying to fulfill the one of others.

Learning to be content is appreciating is taking in what in the blessings that I have. I have a home, a car, a job, food to eat, etc. I may not be able to do every single thing that I want, but it’s not my time to do so. I strongly believe in everything in my life happening for a reason. Whatever that reason may be I may never know, but what happens happens as it should.

In order for me to continuously how in my career and in my life in general, I have to slow down. I will never be able to enjoy this new opportunity, if I’m setting myself up to leave for something else. My journey has just begun and I don’t know what’s next. Cruise control isn’t that bad after all.


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