DIY Happy Planner Cover & Dashboard Using Dollar Tree Products

Welcome to another post here on the blog. Another football related post at that. I love football and I love creating decor for my office, which is coming soon, but especially spicing up my planner. I found two product in Dollar Tree that help to achieve what the vision I had in mind.

As always be sure to click the links throughout the post for related post and links to purchase items/similar styles used.

The two products I used from Dollar Tree were a poly binder and the self-laminating sheets. I used the poly binder to make a cover which I did previously in a DIY. I recently reviewed the new Happy Planner and I am beyond happy, no pun intended, with the quality cover. The poly covers are a great alternative as well for those that want to change out their covers, but do not have a laminator to do so.

To create my cover, I cut the bind off the binder. This does not need to be perfect. I then lined it up to one of my Happy Planner covers, cut, punched the holes with a  regular hole punch, and cut the slits. For extra durability, I took one of the cutting mats and made a cover using the same technique. I then just layered the two on top of each other. The cutting mat has a frosted look, but not frosted to the point where you can’t. I made a front and back cover with these products.

The back to school section at Dollar Tree had quite the array of binders and folders. If you still can, pick up a few while they’re still available. If you can’t get your hands on a football poly binder, try looking for a poly folder. Or, if you have a laminator, you can use any football cover you’d like. I don’t have a laminator and it didn’t take long to create the two covers.

Next up is definitely my favorite DIY. I purchased the self-laminating sheets from Dollar Tree about a month ago and I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with them so I had just purchased two packs. I then realized that I could make a dashboard with them and I started experimenting.


The first dashboard I made was a wrestling theme using wrestling stickers I found at Dollar Tree. FYI, I haven’t found wrestling stickers at any other place other than Dollar Tree. I also made a movie themed one which will be great to my TV week layout, coming soon. Lastly I took Dollar Tree scrapbook stickers and made

For my football dashboard, I decided to make two. Either one would clip in between the cutting mat cover and the football poly binder cover. After the poly binder cover I have the Steelers dashboard schedule I created using dividers I had purchased from Staples. For these two dashboards I pulled out all the football stickers and embellishments I had in my stash, regular and Etsy.

It took no time for me to put these together. I played with the rub on stickers I had purchased from Tuesday Morning and added in adhesive borders I had received in a swap sometime last year. With these dashboards, play around with what you like. The sky is really the limit.

I will say that it’s better to leave about 1/2 an inch so that you’ll have no problems punching the holes. Also, take note of all the room at the top. There’s plenty of space to add stickers up there as well. I love how the two dashboards turned out. I love the self-laminating sheets so much that I went out and purchased two more packs to have on hand for when I want to make more. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up buying more

I have linked below links to what the binder and self-laminating sheets as a visual aid as well as links to similar styles to recreate. I highly recommend checking your local stores. Links to purchase stickers / similar styles used to create the dashboards are linked as well.

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