Plan With Me | Are You Ready for Some Football?

Welcome to another plan with me here on the blog. I am excited to share this spread. Football season is in full swing and although I’ve done football spreads in the past, I had to do another one. Since I’ve done 3 before, I like to challenge myself to use different stickers washi and see what I can do differently to create a completely different spread.

As always be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I pulled out all the football stickers I had to create this spread. What made this spread different from the others is that I made my own full boxes using images from Google. I made a total of 10 full boxes and I ended up using 9.

Planner Tip: Make your own stickers. Some are tedious to cut out, such as headers, but if you have a theme in mind, make your own full boxes using MS Word/Pages. 


For my sidebar I took two full boxes and put them at the top and the bottom. I then separated my lists using washi and using icons from Libbie and Co. I prefer ombre heart checklists in my sidebar, but I didn’t have any to go with the spread. The checklists I used I had from KadyPlansIt and I’ll only use them again in my sidebar.

I then went and did the bottom bar. The sidebar and bottom bar are the easiest for me to decide which is why I typically do them first. The washi was the same I used in the sidebar and I then layered an adhesive border I received in a swap from Michaels last year.

Next I placed my full boxes sporadically across the 7 days. Being that I’m working Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays, I wasn’t concerned about making longer to do lists so I blocked off the top portion. For Monday, Wednesday, and the weekend, I left space for some listing. The great thing about my running to do list is that I can put what needs to get done for the week there and any appointments and what not can go on the specific day.

I didn’t have a lot of header options in my stash so I used washi and layered some stickers from ItsPlanningTime that I had. Her sampler sheets were a lifesaver for this spread. I bought in other colors, not just the typical black, yellow, and green that I would’ve used.

There’s so much more that I want to add to this spread and that will happen as the week goes on and I fill things in. I may end up moving some stickers around, but overall I love how the spread has turned out.

Links to purchase stickers/similar styles are below.

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