Happy Planner Seasonal Box Kit Review

Welcome to another post here on my channel. I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on the new Happy Planner seasonal box kit in comparison to the initial release last year. This post is a thorough comparison between the two with nothing but my honest opinion.

As always be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I purchased my first Happy Planner, which I’m still currently using, when the product was initially released in April of 2015. It was an 18 month planner and most of the planners I used were either 12 months or July to June of the following year. I purchased the extension pack along with it so that I would not have to wait until July to use it. I loved the product so much that I bought my friend one as a graduation present. I was new to the decorative style of planning, but I loved the vertical style and at the price point, compared to the Erin Condren ($50+ depending on what you add), it was right in my price range.

Since then, there have been many additions to the Happy Planner line. The box kits hit the scene last year with a fitness one and the 12 month undated version. I opted not to buy any of the box kits then because I knew I wouldn’t use them. My planner is really a one stop shop and I don’t need multiple planners when I could really consolidate into one.

While I loved the layout of the Happy Planner, after using it from May to December of 2015, I had a few issues:

  • Covers
  • Non-laminated tabs
  • Dividers
  • Morning/Afternoon/Evening written in corner on Monday

When it comes to the non-laminated tabs, that was included in second batch of the Happy Planners released last year so that wouldn’t be a problem in the newer editions. As a product evolves, it’s expected for the product to get better, but as the product evolves, so does the price. Box kit styles released included: ‘Best Year Ever’ and ‘Faith,’ both undated.

I paid $34.99, not including shipping, for my 18 month Happy Planner. This purchase was before it had hit stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby so no coupon code was available.  I bought the seasonal box kit for around $25 (regular $34.99) using a 30% off coupon code at Michaels. I’d recommend waiting until there was a 50% off code or using the 40% off at Hobby Lobby. As for what the box kit includes:

  • 12 month, dated CLASSIC Happy Planner – 2017
  • 4 sheets of stickers (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall)
  • 1 magnetic bookmarks
  • 3 sticky note pads (20 sheets each)


After flipping through the planner I am absolutely in love. There is deco included in both the monthly view and  weekly views. There’s deco in the corners of the pages, as well as for each month a border around ‘2017.’ The weekends are shaded, but they’re pretty neutral except for January, February, and July. The other months are stripes and circles. Another edition is that during the weekly view, near the discs, there are stripes and polkadots in alternating colors for each month. I love the touches of deco here and there especially the little hints on holidays.

Overall, I give the planner a DOUBLE thumbs up and I’m beyond happy with my purchase. It met all the needs I wanted in a planner for 2017:

  • Only 12 months & dated. I no longer want a 18 month planner. With all the different planner varieties, I don’t want to commit to over a year if I want to change my style. As for the planner being dated, that’s something I need. It’s a more seamless look for me.
  • Marked Holidays, Important Dates, & Seasons. The holidays were marked in the Happy Planner that I’m using, but they are bold in this edition and the font is gorgeous. I also love that for the change of seasons during the weekly view there’s ‘Hello Spring’ or ‘Hello Fall.’ Very nice touch.


  • New additions: Stickers & sticky notes. I could’ve done without the bookmark, it’s not that great. The sticky notes and stickers are a great bonus. Both the sticky notes, ‘to do’ checklists and the ‘today’ list, fill the boxes with no problem. As for the stickers, what better way for it to be a seasonal box kit than to include the stickers for the four seasons. In comparison to the seasonal value sticker pack, each sheet is a sampler of the sheets offered. I still want to purchase that sticker pack and I will use some of the stickers between now and the end of this year since I’ll have duplicates in that sticker pack. Very clever to create a sampler.

    Tip: Use the ‘Today’ in the sidebar for a running to do list or if using it on one of the week days it will fill up nearly two boxes. Feel free to cut it to suit your needs. 

  • ‘This Month Currently!’ I love the format of this page. The ‘This Month Currently’ page I have heavily redecorated because I just wasn’t feeling it and I didn’t want to keep wasting the space. It’s the true scrapbook/memory keeping portion of my planner. I love this new set up and while I plan to add my own touch to it, I don’t plan on completely changing the layout that’s already in place.
  • BOX-107_4_1024x1024Seasonal dividers. One of the reasons I hated my ‘Good Things Are Going to Happen’ Happy Planner was because the dividers didn’t correlate with the seasons. I bought that planner more so for the cover rather than the dividers. I DIY’d a lot of the dividers myself to meet my needs, but this is just perfect. I don’t have to do that anymore.
  • Durable Cover! While the cover is black and my fingerprints are all over it, I can tell the difference in quality with this one. Even with the initial extension pack that was released last year, they felt nothing like this. Of course with time I expect it to get worn, as it should. I plan on buying another cover anyway on Etsy for more personalization, but this cover is amazing. Way thicker and more durable than last year.

I’m excited to see how the Happy Planner line will continuously evolve. I know there will be a slip cover release in October and while I want that, I’m not in a rush to have it anymore. There’s such a wide variety of additions to the Happy Planner from dashboards to covers and I can DIY a lot myself that I don’t have to buy every little thing. As for the covers I have in mind, I can’t wait to make a purchase from

I will say that going forward, the stickers will always be on my wish list. I love the quality, variety, and design. Amazing product at an amazing price point, plus there’s always a coupon. While Erin Condren may be the mecca of planners, the Happy Planner line has taken over the stores and that availability trumps the latter for me.

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