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Cheers to all the kiddies going back to school. To all those college kids out there, stay strong! I’m so happy to be done with school, for now at least. Still in all, I wanted to do a back to school spread. This one is easy and can be recreated by any of you with a simple printable and few odds and ends.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase stickers/similar styles used.

I love a functional printable and what’s even better than a functional printable is a FREE functional printable. I love the variety that MyPlannerEnvy provides and her back to school sampler from 2015 was just the one. She created one for 2016 as well, but the one from 2015 left more room, in my opinion, to be more creative with the spread.

Last year I used a kit from TheHappyDoodle in combination with a Target list pad to create a spread and I love how it turned out. This time around I wanted to use the printable as much as I could and then incorporate stickers from my stash afterwards.

Starting off with my sidebar, as usual, I ditched the quote stickers that I usually use and I put the composition notebook full box in its place. I the took the tape measure washi I purchased from Target and used that to separate my lists. I added my blog posts for the week. I prefer to have them in my sidebar than on each day. Then I added a running to do list for the week as well.

On the bottom bar I played with the cursive washi. Even though there’s a border on the bottom and the washi is sheer, the two blended together look rest. I then added more of the tape measure and number washis.

While I love the Plan As I Go style, I love filling in what I know as soon as I plan. Planning like this is like a skeleton and the end result becomes the full body. I added in what I knew was coming up this week such as my sisters and my nephews going back to school, my chiropractor appointment, and the start of the football season.

Planner Tip: Don’t feel forced to use every single thing in a kit when you sit down to plan. Use what works and leave the rest for another time. 

I noticed that for every single day I have to have a to do list It doesn’t have to be super specific, but there has to be one. For example, take Monday. I had three areas that I needed to work on: blogging, editing, and cleaning. Whatever gets done, gets done.

Planner Tip: If you’re looking for a more specific list that you still want to add to your planner, you can easily hole punch a list pad page inside. 

I used to want to include every little thing into my planner, but to be honest, there was no space left for me to do anything. I like to keep my planner functional yet track memories of my day as well. For example, looking at Saturday my nephew has a football game, but I was sure to leave space for my daily to do list.

Planner Tip: Try to list your top 3 of the day instead of making a mile long to do list. Whatever you have to do that doesn’t have a particular day, make a running to do list in your sidebar. 

Stickers, printables, and washi used are linked below:

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