Etsy Sticker Haul Ft. LibbieandCo., RakPaperStickers, & More!

Welcome to the second installment of my collective hauls. My first one featured my super clearance Michaels Haul full of home decor. This one is all about the Etsy stickers I ordered while I was on vacation. It was like coming home to Christmas with all the packages at my door. I ordered from six shops: Libbie & Co,  xoSimplyKish, RakPaperStickers, PinkSunshineSupplies, EmmasCorner1, ItsPlanningTime, and ArtBoxStickers.

Be sure to stay tuned for my upcoming collective hauls with fashion and planner goodies.

I’ve been trying to order from new shops and this time around I was successful in doing so. I did repurchase from xoSimplyKish, but she was having a 50% off sale and I couldn’t resist. For all the orders I used a coupon code. I don’t buy stickers unless one is available.   Even if it’s 10%, 10% is 10%. That’s better than nothing.


Books |Sponge | House
Teardrops | Laptops | Credit Cards | Bath Tub

LibbieandCo. is a shop that I’ve been dying to order from for quite some time. She was having a 50% off sale while I was on vacation and I could not resist. A lot of the stock she had, so if you wanted something, you had to act fast. I ended up buying 10 sheets plus a ‘Planner Nerd’ decal. Each sheet was $4.50 and she now has all her sheets in the littles format. Those sheets are $2.50 and for an additional $5 you can have them hole punched and combined into a book.


‘Not Happening’ | ‘Gym’ | ‘Laundry’ | ‘VH-1 Rachet Monday’
Alex & Skye: ‘I’m Tired’ |’I Can’t Deal’ | ‘Angry’

I ordered from xoSimplyKish when she first opened her shop and with her recent reformat and 50% off sale, I had to place another order. xoSimplyKish is a great shop to purchase from if you’re new to the sticker world. She has frequent sales and the stickers are really great. I love the emoti trend that is going around in the planner world and I finally have some to start a collection. All of the sheets were $3.50 minus the workout stickers which were $5. Using the 50% off code, I had to rack up.


Customized Pro Football Schedule

I ordered these stickers simply because they’re the Steelers. I was looking on Etsy for schedule stickers and what sold me were the helmets facing each other. I could have made the schedule myself, which I did with a dashboard, but for my monthly and weekly view in my planner, these stickers are perfect.  Her sampler is absolutely adorable. The perfect mixture of back to school, functional, and fall. Each sheet was $4.95. I used a 10% off coupon code, but it was well worth the price.


Fashion Doll

I was looking for doll stickers to create a planner spread with. I was very happy to find these. There’s a lot of shops that offer the same clip art, but as usual, I found a coupon code for this shop. In addition, I decided to go ahead and purchase since the full boxes coordinated with the deco sheet. Plus, who doesn’t love girl boss quotes. Each sheet was $3.50. I used a 10% off coupon code.


Pastel Marble Kit

These stickers will be featured in my upcoming Plan As I Go spread which is a collab with a fellow YouTuber, CreativelyJas. Since I’ve used this kits already, I really did love the quality of the stickers. They were easy to work with and being that I like to move my stickers around, I had no problem doing so. As for the sampler that was included, I’ve decided to just put that away for next year since Summer is over. I’ll be sharing my updated sticker organization soon! The kit was $14 and I used a 15% off coupon code.


planning time

I purchased these stickers during the Fab $5 Friday sale. The total purchase was $10, excluding shopping, for all 4 sheets. There were two sheets per $5 and I decided to get both for a complete kit. Plus, if you entered the code from Facebook you’d get an exclusive sampler. I used the two sampler sheets in my September monthly spread. As for the full boxes and ombre checklists, I can create a layout with just those. Plus, I have plenty left over in the samplers.


Regular Meadow Kit | Regular Take Flight Kit
Regular Diamond Marble Kit

Let me first say how impressed I am with the quality of stickers in this shop. I typically don’t go for glossy stickers, but this quality is amazing. I found out about this shop watching one of RubyTrev’s hauls and she has amazing coupon codes in her description box so I thought I’d check it out. Each kit was $10 for 4 sheets and it was so worth it. She also sells deluxe kits for $14, 6 sheets. The coupon code was for 35% off. Awesome savings!

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