Plan With Me | September 2016 | Happy Planner

Hello September! We are entering the last four months of 2016 and before we know it we’ll be buying presents and making plans for New Years Eve. Anyway, let’s backtrack and live in the moment. I wanted to share my September monthly calendar, which I absolutely love.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I wasn’t a huge fan of how I decorated August. To be honest, I barely looked at my monthly calendar or the Happy Planner, This Month Currently, page. This time around I wanted to do a redo which is why I stuck with brighter colors. A lot of people jump right into fall with their monthly spreads, but I’m saving my decked out fall spreads for October and November.

I started off with layering washi on the empty boxes and the top and bottom which really matched the color scheme that was already going on in the Happy Planner. The green and yellow washi tied in the floral washi that I chose. It just so happened that the floral washi matched one of the quarter boxes I had in a sampler from ItsPlanningTime, so I decided to use a combo of two samplers for this spread.

Typically, I have been putting in my bills within the spread on the day they’re due, but I decided to move them back to the sidebar to leave room for other events I have for the month as well as making room for my football schedule stickers & wrestling pay-per-views.

I used washi as a background for a lot of for a lot of the stickers just to add a little something extra. My football schedule stickers are rounded so layering them on top of the washi really helped to fill out the boxes.

Lastly, the sidebar. I took the floral washi and layered it to cover the calendar and I then took 2 circle and layered them on top. For my bills I used a craft label from Dollar Tree.

Planner Tip: When writing on glossy stickers, be careful. The pens can slip and smudge ruining what you just wrote. I used the Papermate Inkjoy gel pen in 0.7 and waited for it to dry. 

The ‘don’t forget’ sticker is from the . Even when marking bills, you don’t have to necessarily use a bill due sticker. Use, ‘important,’ or ‘reminder.’ Work with what you ave. Lastly on the bottom I added the WWE pay-per-view, Clash of Champions. I drew an arrow to the date since there’s a football game that Sunday.

If you have multiple events in one day, you have a few options of how to put them in your planner. Draw an arrow similar to what I did from your sidebar to the date. If you have nothing on the next day you can place it there. You could also just list your events in your sidebar. Lastly, you can create a dashboard that has your events for the month or if you put them in the sidebar, put your bills on the dashboard.

Planner Tip: Make the best use of your space that works for you. It’s YOUR Planner. 

I love how this spread turned out and the the washi really coordinated so well that I used them again in my This Month Currently (coming soon). Be sure to click the links below to purchase.

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