Collective Haul | Forever 21, Value Village, & More!

Hey everyone and welcome to another post here on the blog. I recently went on vacay to visit family and I couldn’t resist shopping a little. Plus, I finished grad school the week I was away, with an A in my last class, so that’s justification to TREAT MYSELF!

Be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to items purchased.

I usually spend my money at Dollar Tree buying items to jazz up my planner. It’s very rare that I go shopping to the point where I can share a collective haul. I went to Forever 21, Ross, TJ Maxx, Macys, and the beauty supply store. I don’t even know how much I spent to be honest, bu tit wasn’t that crazy.

Being that I don’t shop that much I wanted to add items to my wardrobe that would last beyond just Fall 2016 into Winter 2017. I wanted to add pieces that I could wear for years to come. Some items are trendy and will need to be replaced, but for the most part I can maximize them in my closet and pair them with just about anything.

One rule I have when I shop is that if I bring something into my closet, something has to go out.

Tip: If you have to think about the last time you wore something or second guess what you can pair it with, GET RID OF IT!

I bought jeans which for one I do not buy. I don’t buy jeans because I hate wearing them. I prefer to throw on legging or shorts and call it a day. I love boyfriend jeans and I ended up scoring two pair. The first were light wash from H&M, a regular $30, and I got them on clearance for $15. Thanks to my sister for pulling them out of thin air plus them being on sale, What were the odds that they’d be my size? The second pair were from Charlotte Russe. They had the buy 1, get 1 $10. While I paid $45 for jeans, when you cut the price in half, it came out to be around $22 a pair. Not too bad. Three pairs for under $100, cool beans. I had to pick up a new pair of black jeans. They are staples for sure and can be paired with anything and everything.


Flannels on flannels on FLANNELS! I found 3 for under $10 each. The first was at Forever 21 and was a regular $20. Yeah, not paying that. I found it on the clearance rack for $8.99. I then went to Value Village and found two in the mens section. When thrifting for flannels, always search the mens section. I got two for $15 in a size medium. I style them by tying them around my waist with just about everything or wearing them with legging and boots. The possibilities are really endless and they’ve become staples in my closet.

Fun facts about  me:

  • I’m a DIE HARD STEELERS FAN! #SteelerNation
  • I love flannel.
  • I’m obsessed with caps.

With all those fun facts that just adds to what I bought. I found a hat at a kiosk and since I was in Maryland, I needed my Steelers fix. Items at a kiosk can be overpriced and I pay $35 for this hat. Compared to online, I made out alright. I then found a memory foam neck pillow at Ross for $12. That was the best find since on Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond it ranges from $20-$25.


My cap obsession got a little too real while I was away. It was hat after hat after hat. I first bought the Steelers one. That was more of an impulse buy, but I can’t deny anything when it comes to my squad. I then ended up finding a Nautica one for $10 (regular $25) at TJ Maxx and then my aunt bought me a Nike one from Macys. Lastly I added a $8 faux leather one from the beauty supply store. Yes, I said the beauty supply store. It’s trendy so if it gets messed up, hey I paid under $10 for it. It’s not an everyday hat so it’ll last me quite a bit.


As for the odds and ends I purchased I got a Gryffyindor water bottle. Yes, I’m 24 and I’ll forever be a Harry Potter fan. Team Gryffindor at that. I also picked up two books from the thrift store. I’m really into motivational and autobiographical books so those were perfect additions to my collection. Lastly, I picked up a shampoo and conditioner since they were 20% off. Any savings on hair products are great since they’re pretty pricey.

Well that’s it for my collective haul. I can’t wait to start styling these in the fall. Be sure to click the links below to purchase items/similar styles featured.

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