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Welcome to another Plan As I Go here on the blog. This Plan As I Go is a cola with YouTuber, Creatively Jas, using the Pastel Marble kit from the Etsy shop EmmasCorner.  will have all of Jas’ info linked below for you to check out plus her full spread.

As always be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles used.

I’m so happy that Jas was willing to do a collab with me and she chose the kit from EmmasCorner. I definitely checked the price and the amount of sheets. Sometimes I pass on kits simply because of the price. Like, $25-$30 for a kit? Not typically my cup of tea. I’m usually hesitant when I buy stickers for that reason alone. This kit in particular was $14 for 5 sheets and I used the 15% off code that she had in her Instagram bio. I purchased mine in matte. The glossy was $16.

Planner Tip: When buying stickers, look to see if the shop has an Instagram. The usually have some type of code in the bio whether it’s 10% or 15%.

As usual, let’s start with my sidebar. I am amazed that I ended up using all 8 ombre heart checklist whether I cut them up or used them in chunks throughout the spread. I took the quote. The other two checklists I had for this week were for my blog posts and to track my Etsy packages. I also added a MAMBI life quote at the bottom and my YouTube/Instagram tracker at the top.

This week was a bit of a struggle for me to plan because the stickers were not working with me.I had to move  a lot around for sure. I spread out my full boxes like I usually do. I had a lot more checklists this week. I cut some up and extended others. I typically don’t like the blocky look which is why I spread out my stickers, but there are chunks here and there throughout this spread.

What really tied this spread together was adding icons stickers here and there. I love the camera, bed, and TV from Stickeriffic. The random To Do circles are from ItsPlanningTime. Of course I had to add my Steelers schedule sticker fro RakPaperstickers.

Planner Tip: If a sticker doesn’t really match your spread and you still want to use it, layer washi that matches your spread behind it. You can also layer it on top of a full box, if you have it. 

I absolutely love how the spread turned out. Iw as hesitant sat first because I was struggling when I was planning. I wasn’t liking how my stickers were linen yup, but by the time I got to Thursday, everything started to slowly come together. What’s great is that the date headers even matched the spread perfectly. SCORE! That’s unusual with the Happy Planner.

Again thanks to Jas for collaborating. Her video is below.

Links to purchase items featured are below.

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