Vision Board Revamp

Here I am again working on my vision board. I recently redecorated my office which was  huge goal of mine for quite some time. I’m one for themes/color schemes and I finally found one for my office. I’ll discuss that in another post. Since I redecorated, I need dot have my vision board correlate.

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I absolutely love floral and it’s a huge part of my office. While I’m allergic to actual flowers, fake ones and the floral print will suffice, right?


First, let’s flashback to my initial vision board. In redesigning my vision board, I wanted it to be more ‘sophisticated.’ I feel like my was a great pop of color, but it was all over the place. The clothes pins that I had put around had to go, plus the journaling cards. I love the sayings, but it was the look was too busy. I did like the flexibility of being able to remove what I had added since I used washi tape, but I wanted something that had a more seamless look, yet chic at the same time.

I started out with storing away the cards and removing the poorly glued clothes pins. Thankfully sinceI used hot glue a lot of them had started to pop off and the rested lifted off easily with a pair of scissors. I then took out the previous vision board and laid out four pieces of card stock as a template. I then took a sheet of the floral paper from the Me & My Big Ideas paper pad and wrapped it around the paper like a present, tucked it into the frame, and that was that.

When it came to my design, I wanted to use the Heidi Swapp metallic tapes that I had purchased from Michaels. I’ve seriously been obsessed with them. I made circles out of card stock, covered them with the tapes, and then made my categories. Similar to my previous vision board, they’re pretty much the same. I did eliminate my grad school and office section since I’ve checked both of those off. My 5 categories ares:

  • Finances
  • Blog/Youtube
  • Reading
  • Fitness
  • Worship

I created venn like diagrams with these as the layout for the circles and used Polaroid Labels from Dollar Tree to make my sections and to cut what I wanted to go in the circles. I then cut up the labels and wrote in my goals for each section.

When you look at typical vision boards there’s a lot of pictures. For me, having my goals specified works better. It really boils down to personal preference.

As for my goals I want to continue growing with both my blog and youtube, I want to become financially stable. I wrote down four books that I would like to finish by the end of the year and if I surpass that I’ll just add them on. My health is important and I see a difference in myself when I’m eating right and working out and that I want to continue. I’ve fallen off, but I’m ready to get back on track.

Most importantly I want to grow in my faith with tithing and daily devotions. That is something that will never be eliminated from my vision board. New additions that I’ve added are to become an author and to start a nonprofit.

To recreate a you can buy the cork board squares, use a bulletin board you already have, use a canvas, cardboard, or a frame you have lying around. I do not have glass in this frame, it broke a while ago, which is why I was able to tuck the paper inside. You can always get a frame from the Dollar Tree as well.

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9 thoughts on “Vision Board Revamp

  1. I love the idea of having a vision board on my wall so I can keep track of what I want. I’ve never thought of doing it before but I might have to make one now! Thank you so much for showing yours xx

      1. It’s in progress now but I’m planning to do a post as soon as I’ll finish it! 😉

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