Back to School | Organization Hacks 

Welcome to day 4 of my back to school week here on the blog. I will have a new post every day this week with tips & tricks to crush the clutter early in the school year. These posts are geared for the little ones to those in college.

Day 1 was a back to school supplies haul, day 2 was a portable homework station, and day 3 was tips on how to effectively use a planner. Today I’ll be sharing quick organization hacks.

As always, click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items featured.

My sister is in 10th grade and has the hardest time keeping all of her notes and papers organized. I know when I was in high school and college, when class was over, the last thing I wanted to do was sit there and sort papers. When class is over, you want to get up and go.

Staying organized in high school, even college can get difficult. In high school you have the luxury of throwing everything in your locker, but in college not so much. You either need a tote, or if you dorm you can throw it in your room. If you’re a commuter throw it in your car. These tips are easy ‘lazy’ organization hacks that’ll help keep your notes and papers semi-organized.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • colorful notebooks
  • poly folder
  • binder clip

Similar to the color coding method I shared in my How to Use a Planner post, you can do the same in color coding your notebooks per class. I would highly recommend color coding for your main classes: math, science, English, history, and Spanish (or whatever language you’re taking).


For my sister, I took notebooks I already had in my stash, grabbed a piece of washi tape and wrote each of her main classes. When buying notebooks try to stay away from the super cute ones. I know, they’re so enticing to buy, but for basic organization stick to the basic colors. Whether your classes are split into trimeters or quarters, buy that amount of notebooks in the specific color.

In my sisters case she’ll start with the 5 notebooks,but will have  a total of 20 for they year. When she’s done with the notebook at the end of the trimester she can take it home or leave it in her locker since some information does overlap in classes. The price for notebooks can get pricey, but Staples typically has a good deal this time of year for their 1 subject notebooks. They’re typically $1.79, but you can get them for 17 cents. The offer will expire September 17, 2016. 

IMG_4554Now let’s tackle the papers. There’s two options and all you need is a binder clip. You can binder clip your papers to the notebook or you can do the one folder rule. I had a poly folder that i used in college and it housed all my papers, class didn’t matter. I then took the binder clip and clipped it to the top to keep all the papers in.

The great thing about the folder is that it’s durable to last throughout the year. When the class is over  you can literally just shove the papas in the folder and clip it. When you get home you can then separate by class into an accordion folder. If you really don’t want to organize at night, do it once a week. You can leave this folder in your locker and take it home when you need it. It’s better to leave it in your locker then to have it at home just incase you need to grab it The folders aren’t expensive. You can find them at Dollar Tree. I have a few options below.



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