Back to School | Homework Station

Welcome to day 2 of my back to school week here on the blog. I will have a new post every day this week with tips & tricks to crush the clutter early in the school year. These posts are geared for the little ones to those in college.

Day 1 was a back to school supplies haul and today will feature a quick and easy homework station. As always, click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items featured.

I wanted to create a homework station for my nephews. My nephews are 6 and 3 and it was essential that each of them have their own supplies. All the school supplies I bought were primarily for them and I needed a compact way to store them. I initially was going for a shower caddy, but I found this amazing craft container at Michaels for $3 that would work great.



For Eli, the 3 year old, I needed a quick and easy storage for his crayons and markers. I grabbed a large freezer bag and a sandwich bag. This was the easiest way I could think of keeping his stash all together. The crayons went into the smaller sandwich bag and then crayons in the freezer bag. Drop in the crayons on top and that’s that. This was the easiest way that I could think of for him to keep his crayons and markers organized himself.


Moving on to the other supplies, they’re primarily for Taevian, the 6 year old. I decided to leave his markers and crayons in their respective boxes because it’d be easier for him to keep up with. I took the expos in the smaller pencil case and in the larger one I added the crayons, scissors, 2 pencils, a glue stick, and an eraser. Both pencil cases were $1.


I took the 3 compartment container and divided the items. The two small compartments in the front hold the extra supplies and Eli’s crayons and markers. The bad holds everything for Taevian including both pencil cases, markers, and a ruler. I will be adding paint that he has and a paint brush later on.

The great thing about this portable homework system is that it could easily sit up on top of the fridge, in a closet, in the middle of a table, or on a desk. For my nephews, this will be on top of fridge and when the boys need it I’ll take it down and put it back when they’re done. They do all their arts and crafts at the dining room table so the fridge is ideal for me to store it.

This would be a great option for my sister being that her space is limited. She can put the station on top of her refrigerator and out of the way that the boys wouldn’t be able to pull it down and mess with it.


I created an activity for Taevian using a Dollar Tree folder and the money sticker sheetsIMG_4427. Two sheets say ‘Let’s Count Money’ and the others ‘Let’s Add Money.’ The poly folder from Dollar Tree had a clear protective cover and I intended to use it as a Happy Planner cover, but it worked out great for this project. I slide in the sheets and Taevian can use the Expos to fill in. I left blank sheets on the inside for Taevian to make his own equations with the leftover stickers.

Even if you can’t get your hands on you can print out sheets online, or make your own by cutting out money (if you’re feeling crafty) and sticking them to the computer paper.

Click the links below to purchase similar containers to create a portable homework station of your own.


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