Back to School | Supplies Haul + Money Saving Tips

Welcome to day 1 of my back to school week here on the blog. I will have a new post every day this week with tips & tricks to crush the clutter early in the school year. These posts are geared for the little ones to those in college.

This first post is a back to school supplies haul with items from Target, Michaels, Dollar Tree, and Staples. In additional, I’ll be sharing my top 3 money saving tips when it comes to shopping for supplies.

As always, click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items featured.

The supplies that I bought are for my nephews Taevian and Eli. Taevian is 6, turning 7 in November, and he’s going into first grade. Eli is 3, turning 4 in January, and he’s still in daycare. I wanted to create a space for them when they come to my house to be creative. I don’t want them on their tablets or watching TV all the time so they needed a stash of their own. I was able to buy all the supplies featured for under $20.

My first stop was staples and I was able to buy the markers, crayons, and pencils there. The store still had items in boxes and while that’s great that everything is in stock, the boxes were blocking the displays. I ended up getting two sets of markers and crayons so that boys wouldn’t be fighting over it.


Moving on to Dollar Tree I had made two separate trips. Every Dollar Tree has something different. I can find cutting boards in one and in the other find the school supplies that I couldn’t find in my first trip. From the first Dollar Tree location I bought glue, scissors, and my favorite find, the money sticker sheets. Those stickers are going to be great for Taevian.


In my second trip to Dollar tree, I bought a sharpener and a pencil case. Nothing fancy, but definitely needed. I was upset to find the same sharpener in a two pack at Five Below a couple days later for $1, but I’ll take that loss. It would cost more in gas to return it.

I knew that I wanted to create a Homework Station for the boys and that a shower caddy would be great. I didn’t want to pay the price of Target’s which was $4.50, so I was happy to find this craft container in Michaels for $3. The color I chose will work great in my office if I ever wanted to move it there. I didn’t want to buy a hot pink or anything because I knew it wouldn’t work in multiple spaces.

Tip: When buying containers for your house, choose colors that will work in any room / any space. 

Lastly from Target I got Expo markers. I know a lot of people don’t like buying on brand, but when it comes to Expo markers they’re the best. The cheaper dry erase markers don’t erase the same. They take a lot more effort. I bought these markers for Taevian to use, Eli when I’m watching him closely so he doesn’t dry them out, and for my office.

When it comes to saving money on school supplies, keep in mind the following:

  1. ASSESS what you have! Don’t go and buy erasers when the ones you had from last year are perfectly fine. If you are hoarding pens in your desk drawer, there’s really no need to buy another pack just because they’re 10cents. If you’re donating, fine, but to hoard them, don’t do it.
  2. Only BUY ON SALE! I looked at the regular price of the Crayola markers on the receipt. There is no way I would ever pay $3.99 for 10 markers. 97 cents, you have a deal. When things like that are on sale, buy more than one so that you won’t have to worry later in the year. Items like that are great to have on back up because they can be pricey.
  3. DIY your supplies! As cute as that “Good Vibes Only” notebook is, don’t buy it. You could easily DIY your school supplies. I know, they’re cute, but you can customize your supplies and no one else will have it when you do it yourself. Print it out on regular paper and mod podge it on to the notebook. If you’re worried about the spiral ones, you can find great stickers on sale at your local craft store. Pop one on there and voila.

Click the links blow to check out the sales from Target, Staples, and Dollar Tree. I’ve added Walmart, Office Depot/Office Max and Walgreens as well!

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