Etsy Sticker Haul + Planner Bag

Cheers to another blog post. I went to a NJ planner meet up. It was so cool to meet up with other planner addicts like myself. Since I’ll be going on vacay for a week and bringing the same bag, I thought I’d share what’s inside.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

The first planner meet up that I went to was Planner’s Night Out sponsored by Michaels. What made this meet up different was that it was coordinated by other planners. Michaels was more so catering to the planner phenomenon which was nice of them. If you want to find out about meet ups in your area, search Instagram and Facebook for groups because there’s a lot of them out there.


Getting into what’s in my planner bag, I didn’t pack every single thing in my planner stash. That would require a suitcase. Also my bag is the same one I used for my beach bag. I’m on the hunt for a structured tote specifically for my stash. As for what I did bring:


Now when it comes to my pen bag, it’s actually a cosmetic bag that I received for Christmas years ago. The spot that would hold brushes holds pens and the zipper in the front holds my adhesives. The clear bag holds stickers that I plan on using during my week away and to decorate with at the meet up. As for the pens I use:


As for the planner meet up, it was so much fun to finally put faces to names I had seen in the Facebook group. All the ladies were nice and inviting and all had great tips to share. Unfortunately I was late due to traffic, but when I walked in, there was a game going on and I (along with my 2 planner buddies) jumped right in.

After the game we were talking and planning. I helped my friends fix up their planner for the week. I love helping planner newbies. It’s fun to see how other people style their planners. There was a lot of Erin Condren Life Planners which was to be expected, but there were personal size planners as well. I love the Louis Vuitton personal size.

HelloPrettyPlanner‘s Erin Condren made me want one all over again. It’s just that price that price point that keeps me from purchasing. Also, I love the flexibility of the Happy Planner with being able to take out the pages when I want. I recently took out January to June because it was just too bulky. I’m taking my planner on vacation and I wanted it to be was light as possible. If I were to buy the life planner it would be the 2017 neutral with the black coil.

unnamedunnamed-3unnamed-2For the hour and half that I was there, I had a lot of fun. At the end we took a planner stack pic and a group pic. Of course the lovely Monet (PrettyPinkPlanner) gave all the attendees a swag bag. I’ll be featuring a kit from that lovely bag for my vacay week (8/15).

Be sure to click the links below to purchase items from the shops that I received in my goodie bags.


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