Plan As I Go | 8/1 | Sticker Stash

Welcome to another Plan As I Go here on the blog for the week of August 1st. It’s not often that a month starts on a Monday, but here we are in August. This one doesn’t really have a theme like my other spreads, although I was channeling the Olympics with my color scheme.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links t purchase stickers/washi featured.

So the Olympics kicked off on Friday August 5th. I didn’t have an Olympics kit although the one from PopFizzPaper (Rio Olympics Full Weekly Kit) was amazing. Yeah, didn’t get around to buying that. I thought I’d do my own little twist by incorporating colors that would match Rio which were my Scotch Expression tapes and the color splash washi from Michaels.

For my sidebar, I used an ombre printable from MyPlannerEnvy. It wasn’t the usual width of my other ombre heart checklists, so I used the color splash washi to fill in the white space. Of course I used a MAMBI quote sticker to cover the calendar. I also didn’t write in my headers and used stickers instead.

I don’t typically don’t put washi near the discs, but I love how it turned out. I also put a thin strip of washi to separate the sidebar from the week as well as on the other sidebar. The washi on the bottom could have been seamless without the dots, but I didn’t have white out to cover it. Another fun thing I loved doing with the washi this week was making little flags as bullet points.

Planner Tip: If you don’t like the bottom design in the Happy Planner and you don’t have white out to cover it, use a piece of paper and then layer the washi. Voila.

For my Plan As I Go stye, it’s a lot easier for me to do since I’m home. When I was working, I would fill in my planner here and there. It definitely gets more use since I’m working from home and my daily tasks are different.

I don’t really plan morning to night every day. Some days it happens, other days I’m just filling in what I need to get done for the day. It’s just a huge master to do list. I love using icons here and there and putting in my little brackets.

Planner Tip: Didn’t get something done on a certain day? Use an arrow instead of writing it over. 

I didn’t have any Olympic stickers and I didn’t print out any that would really go with it either. I did take a ‘Go Team’ sticker from a Darice sticker book. I was trying to incorporate more sports stickers, but the ones I had that fit the Olympics were entirely too large and the others didn’t apply. The Olympics only comes every 4 years and lasts for 2 weeks. I could’ve been more prepared.

Overall, the colors work for me and I tried to match my icons as best I could to the color scheme I was going for. I also don’t like to 2 huge quote stickers in one day, but I messed up and with not having any white out (which I eventually bought afterwards), I had to use a sticker to cover my mistake.

Cheers to USA for crushing the competition at the Rio Olympics!

Links to stickers/washi used are below.

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