Plan As I Go | 7/25 | Tropical Theme

Welcome to another Plan As I Go here on the blog. I’ve been loving this style and I’ve been using my planner a lot more. It had been a point that I was decorating more than I was using it. Sitting down and planning out my day whether it’s a night or in the morning has made me a lot more productive especially since I’ve been home.

For this week I did a tropical theme to use up some leftover stickers I had. I purchased these last Summer from Fabulously Planned for my vacation to Atalanta, but I never used all of them.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items featured.

The Plan As I Go style is great for those that have stickers, but not necessarily complete kits. you can bring in more elements. If you’re a no white space planner you can still do the Plan As I Go style. I prefer the white space planner you can place the stickers how you want. For me, I just put in what I want to do for the day. It’s a decorative, yet functional, to do list.

Planner Tip: If you want to try out this style, try planning morning to night and add your stickers that way. 

Let’s start with the sidebar. I finished using the ombre checklists that I had from Sticky Essentials’ mystery kit. I used most of the stickers from this kit the entire month of July. I added in a deco full box from the Fabulously Planned kit and then just wrote in ‘to do,’ ‘homework,’ and ‘blog posts,’ and put a checklist underneath title. I didn’t have a header for these list so writing it in worked for me.

I had 5 full boxes and 4 half boxes to use and I didn’t want to place them in the same area. I spread them out over the 7 days and layer if need be. I also had a lot of dew drops and flags to use and it came to a point that I didn’t know what to do with them. I ended up placing the boxes on every other day and filling in. The full boxes were definitely made for the Erin Condren so spreading them out worked better for the spread as they wouldn’t take up a full box.

I also used a printable from Vintage Glam Studio that I had printed last year. The color scheme worked well with this spread and I wanted to use what I had without having to pull out additional Etsy stickers.

It was a lot of un planning out this spread. I had to get creative in not placing my  stickers in the same exact spot. For the page Flags I redirected the location and then for blocks at a time I used them instead of washi.

To fill in the blank spaces I had some Target Summer stickers, but they were pretty redundant so I didn’t use them everywhere. I just took a highlight of my day from an ‘all nighted’ to ‘study day’ and wrote it out to fill in the blank chunk. The great thing about the Plan As I Go style is being flexible with your stickers. For example, I took the eyeglasses that I use to mark my Homework and layered them with a page flag so I could use them up.

I love how this spread turned out and I feel like I’ve been saying that about all of my spreads lately. This Plan As I Go style is definitely a keeper. It’s gotten me out of the rut of not using my planner. I still like the Plan With Me style as a skeleton to what I have coming up for the week, but I use it more when I sit down every day and plan.

Click the links below to purchase stickers/washi to create a similar spread of your own.

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