Decorate Your Planner

Welcome to another post here on the blog. I am really cranking out posts these days. I’m so happy to have the time and the vision to keep creating content for you all to read and enjoy. I hope to inspire you with what I share.

This post is all about my August ‘This Month Currently’ page in my Happy Planner. I use this as a at-a-glance memory page for the month. Be sure to click links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items featured.

There may be some planners out there that are unsure what to do with the ‘This Month Currently’ page in their planners. It appears before every month and it’s a fun way to track monthly favorites, events, and birthdays going on. When I first started using my Happy Planner, I would just fill in what was there, but the page was never utilized. I decided to revamp it and make it my own by adding washi, scrapbook paper, journaling cards, and stickers. The revamp made all the difference and it’s one of my favorite pages to decorate.

For the month of August I had no idea how I wanted to decorate. I will be going on vacation this month and I wanted to incorporate that, but as far as a design, I wasn’t sure. February was easy, Valentine’s Day. March was Easter. Then there’s the 4th of July, although I wasn’t a huge fan of my design. I love trying different things in my planner and sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.

I grabbed some scraps that I had from a Target folder that I used to make a DIY dashboard & cover and some scrapbook paper. Looking at the two designs, they don’t really go together, but the end result worked.

I covered the perpetual calendar with the floral folder and then I covered the ‘This Month Currently’ section with brown patterned scrapbook paper. I honestly was lost with this section and I ended up adding another piece of the floral folder to the middle.

As for the sidebar, I love how this trend out. I marked my aunt’s birthdays and my important dates of the month. I usually cover ‘I Am Grateful For,’ but I am beyond grateful for finishing grad school this month.

I plan on adding my music favorites of the month, hell even maybe the Summer overall. I always say that I’ll add pictures, but then I never do. The page is growing on me and I know I can add to it throughout the month to personalize it even more.

Planner Tip: Make use of the supplies (and scraps) that you have. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Your planner, your memories. Show your style!

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