Dollar Tree Planner

For a while I’ve been wanting a 12 month planner so that I can schedule my blog posts. Nothing expensive, nothing fancy, just a 12 month planner. I found one recently at Dollar Tree that would work. I wanted to share how I revamped it to suit my needs along with how I decorated for August.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items featured.

When I found this planner at Dollar Tree, I was actually searching for the poly binders, which I found. It was just one of those trips to the Dollar Tree that I found everything that I was looking for.

The planner that I initially thought of buying was the Erin Condren On the Go Monthly planner which retails for $12. That doesn’t include the shipping. If you’re new to Erin Condren, there’s plenty  of $10 off your first purchase codes floating in every other planner instagram bio for you to use.  I had seen Microscope Beauty scheduling her blog posts and videos in one and I wanted to do the same.


The first thing I did to this planner was add the pineapple list pad to the cover. I’m not using it as a student planner and this list pad from Target was the largest one I had that not only covered, but it matched as well.


Moving on to the inside, the plate serves as pockets for me to slip in lists that I’ve accumulated of posts that I’ve done or those random ones that I haven’t written yet. I did rip pages out the planner that I wouldn’t be using. Tape was an easy fix to make sure everything stayed in tact. I saved the “dates to remember page” to map out holiday related posts. I didn’t rip out the “2016 Planning Guide” so I’m using it as an at-a-glance of the days I posted this year. I just took a highlighter and marked the days. I definitely need to go back into my archive and mark the posts from January to June.


Moving on to August, I used the Boho washi from Michaels along with solid thin washi from Michaels and Dollar Tree just to mark off various set ions. The pink washi marks my Motivational Monday Posts. The purple washi was for my back to school week. To mark off the upcoming posts section I used thin orange washi.

I really love the ombre look of this boho washi. I wanted to cover the blank boxes and the calendars since I don’t use them. All the months have blue stripes at the top, but I just wasn’t feeling it. If the sheerness of the tape bothers you, you can always layer it on top of regular printing paper and then stick it. This planner is really for scheduling and staying on track unlike my Happy Planner so that really doesn’t bother me.


I’ve added a blank sheet in both July and August to further map out posts. For August I’m using it for my Back to School series. I like to write down what the topics are that I want to over and a few notes here and there. Adding that sheet really helps to maximize the small space and not overcrowd the planner with your brain dumps.

Overall this is by far the best $1 I’ve spent. While I would’ve preferred January to December similar to the Erin Condren, this one runs like a school year, August to July. Still in all it does the job.

Ready to start planning and can’t decide what planner to use? Click HERE for my Planning for Beginner series.

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