Plan With Me | August 2016 | Happy Planner

Welcome to another plan with me here on the blog. I’ve been so obsessed with the Plan As I Go style that I haven’t done a plan with me, which is essentially pre-planning, in quite some time. I have a lot of content coming this month of August from PLANdemonium to my back to school week!

As always, be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items featured.

I’ll be going on vacation in the middle of August and I wanted to do something fun to my monthly spread. I decided to use the Poolside Pops Darice sticker book, which I used in a spread previously. I love the stickers and the spread really screams Summer.

When I’m planning my monthly spread, it’s really just to put in bills, the weekends I have my nephews, when I get gas, and the occasional PPVs. This month I added not just WWE’s SummerSlam, but the Steelers pre-season games. I also forgot to add the Olympics beginning and ending so I went back and added that (not pictured). I added another pink circular sticker for the opening games and I made an arrow to the 21st to recognize the closing ceremony on the 21st.

I wanted the sidebar to be fun so I took some old packaging from the Target Dollar Spot and cut it to fit the sidebar. Being that I had to cut it there was a line in between so to cover that I took a card and marked in when Grad School would be over and voila. At the top I added a Happy Planner quote. To cover the unmarked days I used the fashion duct tape from Dollar Tree which is by far my favorite.

I used the labels I had purchased from Target and to make these work in the spread I had to cut them, but not my much. The rainbow design really worked well with the sticker book. When writing on these I used a Sharpie Fine Point opposed to my Pilot G2. I really want the PaperMate Ink Joy gel pens. I love the Pilot G2, I’m just not a fan of the smudging.

Being that I don’t have something happening every single day, I used the stickers to fill the empty space. Some may enjoy a clean look in their spread, but I wanted to try something different for the end of Summer. I usually don’t crowd my spread, well I haven’t lately, but I wanted to make use of these stickers.

PLANNER TIP: To save stickers in your stash when you have an event longer than one day, place the sticker the day it begins and use washi to mark the rest. 

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