Motivational Monday | Recharge, Reset, Reposition

I haven’t had much social interaction since I quit my job 2 weeks ago. I’ve thrown myself into my blog and school work. Thank the heavens I officially have 2 weeks left of grad school. The job search has been a struggle, not that I expected it to be easy. I just feel like I’ve been all over the place, this past week especially. Thankfully, I had a girls night/day planned with my friends that would hopefully take my mind off everything. It was exactly what I expected. A night with great friends, great food, great laughs, plus a relaxing day at the beach. I was able to recharge, reset, and reposition.


Sometimes we all just need a break to get our minds back on track. We have to take time for ourselves simply for a break. Take the cliche example of any electronic device you have. In order for it to work, it needs to be charged. In order for your body to function, from time to time you need a recharge. I’m not just talking sleep at night. I’m talking time for you doing something you love. Whether it’s a date night, party with friends, shopping, crafting, whatever. Taking that time for you is always essential.

In my case, I had been working on so much all at once. I had tried to portion out my day, but I was all over the place. One minute wI was doing homework and then the next hour I was working on a blog post. The constant back and forth between the two wasn’t really helping. I was worried that in taking time with my friends that I was losing sight of. That one night was what I needed to get back on track. It was  a break from everything. No homework, no blogging, just fun. Yes, it’s ok, and normal, to have fun!


So, you’ve made the decision to have a night of fun to recharge. Now it’s time to reset. In resetting you need to brain dump everything that you need to do. Don’t think to much about when you’re going to get it done, just write it all down. No fancy paper, no fancy pen. Hell, you don’t even need a planner. Just grab a piece of paper and WRITE IT DOWN!

Beach days are draining and when I came back from the beach I showered and took a nap. I woke up feeling refreshed and I had lists on lists of what I needed to get done so I compiled them all into one. I then threw out my old lists as they weren’t needed anymore. When you’re looking to reset it’s really as simple as assessing what it is that you need to get done. Just get it down on paper and leave it at that.


Now that you have your list of what you need to get done, it’s time to reposition. Repositioning yourself is prioritizing what it is that you need to get done. That doesn’t mean planning it for a specific day. Not everyone works that way, which is fine. You don’t need a planner to be effective. Planning just helps to keep you on track. Take that list that you made and number what you need to get done. Then take another piece of paper and rewrite it in the order that you created it. You can number it, use bullet points, whatever. Rewriting it just adds order and it’s nothing like a clean list to get you started.

As I noted in the reset phase, I had lists on lists of what I needed to get done, but nothing cohesive. After compiling a solid list, I numbered what I needed to get done. Although I’m a planner, I wasn’t thinking about what day I needed to get things done. I was just thinking of checking things off my list. Time didn’t matter. It’s all about getting done what I prioritized.

Take the time for you. Take the time to get yourself back on track. Stop burning yourself out. We’re all entitled to time off. Even if it’s brief, take it! You’ll come back rejuvenated and ready to tackle all.

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