What’s In My Beach Bag | Summer ’16

Hello everyone and welcome to another post here on the blog. (Cheers to my typical, generic intro!) In this post I’ll be sharing what’s in my beach bag since I’m having my first beach day of the Summer. Yes, it’s July, the end of July at that, and I’m just getting to the beach. Let’s see how August goes.

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I was hesitant of whether or not I was going to do this post because I thought that I had done one last Summer, but I have done one since 2014, so it’s worth updating (click HERE for that post).

After looking at the post, I see how much of a waste it was to pack what I did. Typically when I go to the beach with my friends or family, we go to the water, sit & talk, play on our phones, and take the most epic beach naps. I never got around to really playing on my iPad or reading that magazine/book.

What did remain consistent were my essentials: my beach bag, wallet & keys (duh), sunscreen, and towel. I’ve had my beach towel for years and it’s in top notch condition so there’s no sense in me changing it. I really only use it for the beach and occasionally to dry my hair. My beach bag I’ve had for years as well from Victoria’s secret. I mean the bag is going to be thrown in the sand so I don’t use it unless I’m going to the beach. It’s specifically for that. It’s a fun color and yeah it’s faded in certain areas, but it’s a beach bag. It doesn’t need to be fancy.

As for my wallet, I really prefer a wristlet style as I can hook it on to my keys and if we stop somewhere I can just grab it. It’s flat and compact opposed to my bulkier wallets.

New additions to my bag are study cards. I have my huge comprehensive exam coming up for my Masters and while I don’t necessarily plan on studying on the beach, I can get some studying in on the way there and back. Well, that’s my hope. Still packing them regardless.

I’m also packing a book. The book of choice is an autobiography on Phil Jackson. I like to have a book on hand, just in case. Why not something interesting? I’ll also be bringing along my portable charger for obvious reasons.

I’ll also have some snacks and my lunch for the day and of course a gigantic bottle of water. We’ll be picking up lunch on the way to the beach and I’ll be bringing my own snacks from home.

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