Plan As I Go | 7/18 | Rainbow

Welcome to another Plan As I Go here on the blog. I’m almost up to date with my planner spreads so expect a bonus Plan As I Go sometime this week. For this spread I went with a rainbow theme to use the rest of the stickers I used in my cupcake theme.

Be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to stickers/similar styles used in the spread. Enjoy!

For this spread I used the left over stickers I had from the Sticky Essentials mystery kit I had purchased back in February. The kit itself was based around cupcakes and sprinkles, but the stickers left over worked great for a rainbow theme.

For my sidebar I stacked 3 ombre heart checklists for my running to do list, my homework list, and my blog posts for the week. I also covered the calendar with a quote sticker. If I don’t use a quote sticker, then I’ll use a full box sticker. I just don’t like the calendar in the corner so it has to be covered.

I wanted to use as many stickers as I could that were left in the kit before incorporating other stickers from my sticker stash. I had some half boxes left and i wanted to spread them out throughout the spread and layer stickers on top for the important task of the day. On Saturday I used one and it was completely covered by the flag stickers, but whatever.

I loved using the appointment stickers. The great thing about those is that you can easily layer an icon sticker on top which I did a lot throughout the week. Also with the little things stickers, depending on how much you’re writing you can add icons on top of those as well. Some days had longer checklists than others, but I didn’t use the traditional “to do,” “today,” or “little things” for a top 3 daily checklist. I just wrote lists in and used various headers if need be. If not, icons sufficed.

Overall, I love how this spread turned out. even though it was leftovers from a previous kit, it looks completely different. That’s what’s great about mystery and monthly kits. You get a lot of stickers, so many that you can get more than one spread. I have done this with previous kits, but in using this kit in back to back weeks, there’s really no comparison.

In doing the ‘plan as I go’ style I like to mix up how I place my stickers and where my to do lists go. There’s nothing wrong with the “to do” / “today” / “little things” format, I just don’t prefer it anymore. I’ve seen beautiful spreads, but I really like the sporadic look instead.

Stickers/washi used (including similar styles) are below.

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5 thoughts on “Plan As I Go | 7/18 | Rainbow

    1. There’s a lot of great alternatives out there that aren’t $35 like the Happy Planner or $50+ like the Erin Condren Life Planner. BlueSky and DayDesigners are inexpensive and you can always go to Dollar Tree (I have a series coming soon) to get a monthly or a weekly planner. If you’re into the binder system, Target has the binder + inserts in the Dollar Spot. It really comes down to your writing style. You can read more on my recommendations here:

      1. Thank you so much! I learnt a bunch of new things from your helpful response. I will keep them in mind, inshAllah (if God wills). (:

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