Wellness Wednesday (V.14): What I’m Eating

Hey guys and welcome to another edition of my Wellness Wednesday. In my last edition I shared what was in my workout bag, but in edition to working out I’ve had to change my eating habits.

Disclaimer: This post is about what works for me and everyone has to discover what works for them. I simply want to share my change in eating habits and how it has helped me in combination with working out (another post coming soon).

Be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts / additional resources.

Last July I did Whole 30 and it was intense. It cut out everything and even though it’s been a year since I’ve done it, my appetite hasn’t been the same since i did it. When I go out to eat I have to get smaller portions. I just can’t get a full out entrée because I don’t end up eating it. I’ve noticed that this has been a huge change since I’ve done Whole 30 and I can’t really complain that it actually did change the way I eat. Would I do it again, for a 30 day detox, yes.

Since I am currently home after quitting my job, I was worried that I would gain back the weight that I’ve lost these past few months since my change of pace had changed. I wanted to have healthier options in my home and the junk food that’s here for my nephews would be stored elsewhere. Before leaving my job I wanted to stock up on some items that I knew would hold me out throughout the rest of the summer, especially since I’ll be on vacation for a week in August. I went to Costco and Walmart and spent under $75 getting what I needed. As to what I purhcased:  *(

  • water* (40 bottles, $2.99)
  • wheat thins* (double pack, 20 oz bags, $5.49)
  • fish burgers* (Alaskan Pollock Burgers; purchased 2/$12; 12 count each package)
  • yogurt* (24 count, $8.99, approximately 37 cents/each)
  • spinach
  • oatmeal (Quaker, $3.98,

I know the list doesn’t seem like much, but everything I else I needed was already in my home.

I’ve been home for 2 weeks and honestly it hasn’t been hard for me no to eat everything in sight. I’ve been keeping myself busy with homework and studying since I’m in my last grad class and creating content for Chaotic Critic. Now, when I’m downstairs just watching TV or taking a break from my work, I did notice that I would keep gravitating back to the kitchen. I think that was more so out of boredom or even habit of having to eat something while watching TV.

When I was working I did meal prep every night or I would prep for 2-3 days at a time. I’ve tried the full out weekly meal planning and the only thing I’ve prepped in that area is fruit.

FRUIT has become my best friend. I literally eat it all day. I’ve taken apples, cantaloupe, plus, watermelon, and cherries and combined them into baggies for easy reach in the morning for breakfast or for snack. If I’m having fruit for breakfast, it’s typically just that and a bottle of water. I’ve been trying to stay on my 5 meals (3 meals, 2 snacks) a day which I haven’t completely succeeded at, but I’m getting there. I’ve become more of a snacker, thankfully it’s healthier choices.

WATER has been my number one drink of choice. I need to get my Brita filter back in action so that I can drink from a glass or water bottle at home and save the bottled water for when I’m on the go. I’ve drank juice and soda as well, but not as much as I have been. I LOVE me some Coca Cola, but I’ve been great at resisting the temptation.

My late night cravings have completely eliminated. Living in a 3 story house and being on the 3rd floor, I don’t feel like going downstairs to get something. I’ll find something to watch and I always bring a bottle or 2 of water upstairs with me at the end of the night.. If iI feel myself wanting something, I’ll just drink the water.

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