Plan As I Go | 7/11 | Cupcakes

Cheers to another Plan As I Go spread. For those unfamiliar with this style, it’s the latest planner craze on YouTube and I was inspired to give it a try from watching YouTubers RubyTrev and ManyDreams. The sticker kit that I’m using in this spread is a mystery kit from Sticky Essentials and I’ve been hoarding it since February. Yes, February. The kit would work great for a birthday since it’s cupcake themed, but I thought it’d be great to celebrate my last week at work. Next week I’ll be sharing another spread using this same kit.

Be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to stickers/similar styles used in the spread. Enjoy!

The great thing about mystery kits is that you typically get a lot of stickers. Even if you were to do a “no white space” spread, you’d have enough stickers to create another spread. I love kits like these because you can really maximize what you get and get a lot of bang for your buck.

When using this kit I knew I wanted to use all the deco stickers in this particular week. The rest of the stickers that I’d be using for the week of the 18th would allow me to create a rainbow theme and add any deco stickers of my choosing if I want to. There were SO MANY STICKERS in this kit.

I like to create a sort of skeleton when doing my Plan As I Go even though I primarily planned at night. I like to mark what I know I have going on that week and then fill in accordingly each day. I added my daily To Dos and used half boxes to mark off important events of the day whether it was an appointment or hey, do your homework.

Planner Tip: When using a kit make use of all you have. Cut the full boxes if you have to. Layer an icon sticker over an appointment sticker. Maximize your sidebar. Cut up your checklists. Make the kit work for your style. Don’t box yourself in. 

I love how the sidebar turned out. I used 3 ombre checklists which I don’t like using in my weekly spread. If I were to use them in my weekly spread I would definitely cut them up. They just work better in the sidebar for me. I took the blank headers and titled my checklist “to do,” “homework,” and “blog.” I’ve found it easier to put my blog posts for the week on the side.

Planner Tip: Fill the empty space you have with a full box. You can then layer on top of it with little icon stickers or deco stickers, or just leave as is. 

I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this spread, but I love how it turned out. I used up all the deco stickers because I didn’t want to carry those over into another spread. I used most of the half boxes, especially the blue sprinkle because they just worked better with this spread. I had quite a bit of stickers left over so a rainbow spread is coming soon.

Stickers / washi used (including similar styles) are below.

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