Plan As I Go | 4th of July | Zootopia

Welcome to another post here on the blog. In this plan with me, I’m trying out the plan as I go style which I was inspired to try by YouTubers RubyTrev and ManyDreams. For those unfamiliar with the style, you sit down and plan out your day either at night or that morning and voila. By the end you have a complete spread instead of just a skeleton.

Be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to stickers/similar styles used in the spread. Enjoy!

So in creating this spread, I wanted to go for a Zootopia theme, but that didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. I ended up getting tonsillitis, reasons why this footage is going up so late. I didn’t print a corresponds printable or anything. I had been wanting to do a Zootopia themed spread for quite some time and I was looking for regular stickers to do so and I found these at Dollar Tree on a whim. They’re larger because they’re meant for a sticker book. I picked up one and the register and just made it work for the spread.

When planning out this week, it was a little more difficult to do so simply because I was sick. I really didn’t have the energy to do much, but my last grad class began, I had to finish up work and I still wanted to blog so, work still had to get done.

Like I typically like to do in my spreads, I spread out my daily To Dos which can have the header of “to do”, “today,” or “little things” since my lists are my top 3 of the day. I’ll go in and add any TV shows I’ve watched or other knick knacks here and there.

The 4th of July I spent the day on my couch with my boyfriend watching whatever was on TV and on my DVR. This was my first time using washi to mark off a large portion, but I did go in and add what we watched. This is where the memory keeping effect comes in with planning. The dots I used are from Dollar Tree (Jot brand).

Planner Tip: If you don’t have a specific list for the day, add in something fun that you did whether it’s shopping, eating with friends, having a lazy day, or going to the movies. 

Being that the Zootopia stickers were so large, they really helped to fill in the space for the week. I also created arrows of my own and just wrote larger to fill put the boxes. I really liked how both my sidebar and weekend turned out. The sidebar was pretty standard with a Life Quote. I hate the calendar in the corner so any sticker covering that works for me. I made a running to do list, added a camera as a reminder to take blog pics, and made a DIY habit tracker.

Planner Tip: No habit tracker stickers, no problem. Habit trackers are the easiest thing you can put in your planner without having to buy specific stickers. Just write what it is that you want to track and add an icon. Underneath write in the days whether it’s the full week of a Tuesday through a Thursday. Mark off as you go. Really easy. 

For the weekend I noted that Serena Williams won her 22nd Grand Slam title. I had initially meant to just write in in the box, but I wrote too big, so a full box sticker saved the day. The tennis ball I found on a sheet of stickers from Dollar Tree. The “hello weekend” banner is from a MAMBI sticker book and I added in the fights from UFC 200. Easy way to mark the winners, highlight them.

To mark off my school assignments I love layering a  pencil sticker with eyeglasses. I’m trying to finish up using those pencil stickers since I’m almost done with school. I’ll be done with them in no time.

Although I was sick that week, I do like how the spread turned out. The non thinking about the final result worked out. Stickers / washi used (including similar styles) are below.

Ready to start planning? Want more PLANNERspiration? Click HERE for my Planning for Beginners series.

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