Bedroom Revamp | Nightstand Reorganization

Welcome to another edition of my bedroom revamp series. The first installment was my dresser trash to treasure. We come across pieces that are inexpensive at the time, yet break down, but there’s no sense in throwing it away if you can make it work. I revamped my dresser and made it work for me since I don’t have a budget to buy a new one. Click HERE to read more on that revamp.

In this edition I’ll be sharing how I reorganized an old nightstand. Keep reading for my top organization tips.

I love getting free furniture and my grandmother is always the number one person to find it for me. She had a friend that was giving away a nightstand which would also serve as a coffee table and my grandmother got it for me. It’s an absolutely amazing piece and my bedroom is oddly shaped since I’m in the attic, but I knew I could make it work. It would have been ideal for the opening to be in the front, but it protruded too much from the wall so I turned it to its side. Let’s start with the “black hole.”


So the “black hole” of the nightstand is the storage part. When I got the piece I threw my movies inside, plus my old devotionals, and my medicine caboodle. Great, a mess. I knew that I needed to organize it and purge if needed so I went through everything and just made it work for me, for now.

Tip: When working with a deep space, put what you would reach for most often in the front. Other items can be pushed to the back. Also, stack if you can to maximize the space. 

I have a lot of movies, in my opinion, then again compared to others not that much. Still in all until I get the entertainment center I want in my living room, this is where the movies go. I don’t reach for them often so having them stacked in an organized fashion works for me. I left my medicine caboodle out for easy reach and then my old devotionals are in the front as well so I can reach them for easy reference. Everything else from chargers to random lotion and other nick knacks went in the trash.

Tip: Although the items are out of sight, out of mind, be sure to go through every once in a while and purge. The insane amount of movies you have could go elsewhere if you’re just not into them anymore. As for me, all movies that I have collected are absolute favorites so I won’t be purging those.


Moving on to the top of the dresser, this is really the catch all space in my room. From my glasses and receipts and other BS being thrown there, I have to clean it off daily. It’s really necessary to make sure it doesn’t get cluttered. I’ve tried the once a week thing, it doesn’t work.

Tip: Declutter your “catch all” area daily to put everything back in its place and the trash in the TRASH. It saves the headache of having more crap build up and having to clean it all at once. That can be overwhelming. 

All I keep on my nighstand is a cup of pens/highlighters, easy to reach medicine (Benadryl for those allergies and Advil for the headaches), and my daily devotional reading. Having my bible, notebook, and devotionals out are an instant reminder to read my word and not neglect it.

Tip: If you’re reading  current book/magazine, put it on your nightstand so that you don’t forget to read it. 

I also keep a bottle of water every now and then on my nighstand, jewelry that I was wearing that day (insert “catch all”), and my glasses. I lose my glasses so much, yeah not good, but keeping them on my nightstand is a sure way for me to know where they are when I wake up. There’s nothing worse than tearing my room a part looking for them.

11 thoughts on “Bedroom Revamp | Nightstand Reorganization

      1. Isn’t it amazing! I find so many discarded items on the curb when walking my doggies. I can’t believe sometimes what people throw out! A simple fix like paint, and it’s like new!! If you get a chance, check out my ‘Trash to Treasure’ projects. Most of them were found on the curb! Love those treasures, especially when I could really use them.

      2. I try to do crafts and upcycles on this site as inexpensive as I can for myself and my readers. I see something pretty on the internet, and think how I can make it less expensive!

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