Wellness Wednesday (V. 13): What’s In My Workout Bag?

I’ve been working out for a few weeks now. I mean, actually working out. What’s changed this time around? I’m working with a trainer and a friend. It’s a full body workout that includes a lot of cardio, strength training, and boxing, and no workout is ever the same. Working out two days a week has really helped. I wanted to start back up with Wellness Wednesday series that has been neglected since a fitness haul last summer to share what’s in my workout bag. Of course be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase items featured.

My current gym bag is a freebie from Forever 21 that I received years ago on Black Friday. It’s neon yellow which I love, only problem is that it’s gotten really dirty. Inside I keep my boxing gloves and hand wrap. I highly recommend the hand wrap with the gloves to protect your fingers. It’s hard to go full out when your fingers hurt.

I also keep a jump rope just incase my trainer wants to incorporate it. I’m pretty sure I purchased mine from Five Below when I was going through a workout kick before. Of course, I have water, my phone and keys stay in the front pocket and I have my “freshen up” bag. Wipes and deoderant are essential and I have lotion/body spray for after as well. Other than that, my workout bag is pretty simple. Click the links below to purchase similar items.


When it comes to what upgrades I would like in terms of my workout gear, I first want a new bag. I’ve never actually brought one before and a black one could withstand the wear and tear. I’d also like more printed pants, another sports bra, but most importantly, new sneakers. I love the way that Nike Free’s feel on my feet and I would love another pair. Lastly, to stay hydrated, I’d like a stainless steel water bottle which could be tossed around in my bag. Click the links below to purchase:

Ready to come along on this new journey with me. All future posts in my Wellness Wednesday will be hauls (grocery / workout gear) along with tips and tricks of what works for me. I’m also working hard on bring together a routine for you all to get started. Want to check out what I’ve previously done? Click HERE.

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