Sound Off: Black Lives Matter

It scares me to know that the color of my skin could be the death of me here in America. What’s even scarier is the justice system that does nothing to protect my rights or attempt to give closure to my family. I am American. I was born and raised here, New Jersey to be exact. I am 24 years old and it scares me to see black men and women, young and old, being shot and killed. The scariest of all, no convictions. Its not just one shot that rings off. Black people are being shot nearly a dozen times. Is this what society has come to? Is this what has to be on the news every other day. I shouldn’t have to fear for my boyfriend or my brother, hell even my father. I shouldn’t have to fear for my own life.

I recall the stories my grandmother has told me about her brother having to leave Georgia to keep from being lynched or bullets raining down on their roof. I’ve tried to ignore what society has become, but that does not mean I am unaware. I’ve tried to focus on the positives, but this is happening far too often. It’s as if cops are being paid to kill. Cops have gone beyond trigger happy. Of course not all cops is what people say. Yes, that is true. Just like all black people aren’t uneducated and thugs with multiple children here and there and strung out on drugs.

Some people just don’t get it. There response is “all lives matter.” It’s not about all lives mattering, it’s drawing attention to the fact that black lives don’t. Not “all lives” are being shot with no remorse and left for dead with there being no consequences.

Jesse Williams has been called a racist for speaking out about what it is to be black in this society. Hell, they went as far as to try and boycott him from Grey’s Anatomy. I mean, you do know Shonda Rhimes is black right? Wait, you do know that the President of ABC, Channing Dungey, is black as well, right? Someone speaking out on relevant issues within their culture doesn’t make them a racist. Let’s be clear, racism does exist. For those that don’t believe it, look at Donald Trump who refers to a black man as “my African American” and at a rally of his stood there as a young black woman was pushed and shoved out of the building.

To be black is something some people will never understand unless you live it. I have experienced racism from walking into a store and not even receiving a hello yet a white girl, the same age as me, walked in and received the red carpet. Was I not entitled to the customer service? Was my business not wanted?

If all lives mattered, the justice system would be a representation of that. I am honestly sick of the constant debates of “all lives matter” versus “black lives matter.” When someone gets shot and people start posting it on their social media feeds there’s always the comments of “oh my gosh, all lives matter.” Clearly, they don’t get it, and ignorance as such should be ignored.

If “all lives mattered,” pay would be the same. Oh that’s not the point though, right?. Everyone wants to come to this country for a better life while Americans struggle. The “foreigners” come and capitalize while there’s nothing left for the people that “belong” here. Immigrants will always prosper over Americans because they know how to work together. They know what struggle is. They know what life they want. Americans have too much hate. Americans curse each other out if they get cut off on the road or if someone tries to take their parking space. There is no love here. People only come together in tragedy and still that’s momentarily.

When will things change? When will we every learn to coexist with each other? Too many people are being killed over absolute nonsense and there’s to much covering of the truth. Contrary to what people believe, black people are educated. I am a black educated woman with not just 1, but 2 degrees. While some may say, that’s just pieces of paper. Bullshit, I’ve worked hard and my higher education should never be belittled and ridiculed.

Those before me fought for me to be able to vote. Those before me have fought for me to work, eat, travel, and go to school in the same capacity as white people. Those before me have fought tirelessly just to give future generations a chance they didn’t have. I refuse to be another black statistic.

It’s time for people to really wake up and it’s time for those that do the crime to be held accountable for their actions. Cops should not be exempt. They should not be above the law. The real change happens when accountability and responsibility is handed out. They have a civic duty to protect and they shouldn’t be able to pick and choose when they do.

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