Plan With Me | June 27th-July 3rd

Cheers to a double planner day here on the blog. I was super late in posting my spread from last week, but no sense in delaying this one so here’s another dose of planning for you all. This spread is for the week of June 27th-July 3rd and is my official 4th of July spread for 2016. As always be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to stickers/washi featured.

I had been holding on to the stickers I scored in Target when the 4th of July line was released in the dollar spot. I previously did a red, white, and blue spread for Memorial Day, which I loved, and I had to do another one just to use the Target stickers. The stickers, sidebar, and washi are from Dollar Tree and Target. I used the star washi in my 4th of July spread last year and I loved it. I kept this spread pretty simple. My favorite would be the camo fashion duct tape from the Dollar Tree at the bottom.

My layout is definitely inspired by YouTubers RubyTrev and MandyDreams. I’m not a fan of the ‘no white space’ spread although I’ve done them in the past. I like to give myself I really enjoy spreading out my stickers and the basics of my spread, which is what I share in my weekly plan with me’s, is pretty simple. I like to leave space for what’s coming up during the week to fill in and write in.

This spread doesn’t include my TV stickers or stickers for my blog posts. The Target stickers came with a ‘Let’s Party Like it’s 1776’ and ‘America the Beautiful.’ Since the sticker was so large, I place it evenly between Thursday and Sunday. It would’ve been overkill for my to add the ‘America the Beautiful,’ so I put that in my monthly spread (coming soon).

I really challenged myself with this spread since I had already done a red, white, and blue one a month a go. I used left over checklists I had from JuJuAllOver and the longer ones on Saturday and Sunday will be for my cleaning and any errands I need to. I have also been loving layering stickers. I have a planner wishlist post coming soon with new shops I’d like to try and as far as stickers I definitely want half boxes, flags, and icons to layer.

Stickers/washi used (or similar styles) are below:

Want to start planning? Want more PLANNERspiration? Click HERE for my Planning for Beginners series.

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