Motivational Monday | Daily Devotions

Welcome to another post here on the blog. From the title this is another Motivational Monday. I love to set the tone for the week with inspiration and I wanted to speak on my prayer journal. I hope you find some inspiration from what I have to share. Check out last weeks post, “My Time Vs. My Turn,” by clicking HERE. As always be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts and links to resources mentioned.

I’ll be honest, I’m not as on top of my daily devotions as I should be. I am beyond blessed and I have no problem sharing how blessed I am. We have those moments where we are down and dwell on it by throwing pity parties. Then there’s those times when we’re excited and happy and motivated. If only all times could be like that.

My prayer journal is the open book for me. It’s not fancy. It’s a journal I bought from Staples and although I may be OCD with my planner, when it comes to my prayer journal, none of that matters.

My prayer journal includes scriptures, prayers of course, and personal experiences. I read a combination of devotions including:

As for the Bible that I read, I’m currently using The Every Day Bible, New Century Version. I also have a New International Version as well. I would like to get a journaling Bible for further annotations.

When it comes to reading the Bible, what’s important to me is not only comprehending the word, but the comprehension comes from further understanding. Relating it back to my life and reading the devotions of the personal experiences of others really puts the word into perspective.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I draw inspiration for my Motivational Monday series from a lot of places and my devotions definitely spark something inside of me. I wanted to share the space that I am in right now. I am embarking on a journey that is unfamiliar to me, which I’ll share soon, but unfamiliarity can be scary. It’s out of my comfort zone. It’s not what I’m used to.

Focusing on the word has been able to ease my mind and cast away my worries. I’ve been taught to trust that God will handle whatever issues I may have. To really believe in Him is to put all trust in Him. As humans, it’s easy to get distracted and fall into traps here and there whether it be gossip or someone trying to drag you back down a negative memory lane. Writing down how i feel has been another form of therapy for me. It’s another creative outlet.

I want you to be inspired to write how you feel. Whatever it is, whenever you feel it, write it down. Get the thoughts out of your head. Put it on paper, type it into the notes section of your phone. Don’t worry about grammar. Don’t worry about it being neat and pretty. Just write down how you feel. Then, let it go. You wrote it, you vented, move on.

The daily devotions have added perspective to my life from a different standpoint. I am learning to let a lot of my past go. This is not something that happens overnight and I must remain consistent, but I’m learning to take control. I’m learning to control what I allow to bother me. I’m really learning what it means to “Let Go and Let God.”

Want more inspiration? Click HERE.

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