Updated Ikea Raskog Setup

Welcome back to another post here on the blog. As always be sure to click the links throughout this post and for links to purchase storage mentioned.

IMG_3858 I posted 6 months ago a look at my Ikea Raskog cart. It holds all of my planner goodies and I wanted to share how I’ve updated it since my last post. Before it had more than just planner goodies. It had a lot of stationery I had been hoarding and even some extra craft supplies, but since I created my craft closet, I can solely dedicate this to planning.

Issues that I had with my cart was that it was overflowing on top, my list pad storage wasn’t working for me, and I had a lot of random stuff accumulating.

The top is still full as it holds all of my every day planner goodies and the middle and bottom ware more of an overflow. I love rolling this thing around my office especially when I’m planning. It’s so much easier than getting up all the time. My office still gets messy as I’m pulling washi and stickers, but I’m learning to clean as I go.

Starting with the top shelf. I have my 2015 Happy Planner. I separated my 18 month planner as it was easier to manage that way. I also have my Erin Condren notebook that I use as a brain dump for future house projects, blog content, etc. Then there’s my washi that I store in a Snapware container. Even when I get more I can continue to stack it. If that’s the case, I would just consolidate my favorites and put the overflow in my craft closet. Then there’s my stickers which I have 2 mini binders, my Darice Spectrafile for all my Etsy stickers, and my DIY discbound sticker books for all the $1 sticker books I’ve accumulated.

The middle shelf is still a work in progress. Yes it is tilted, but that’s because it’s missing a screw. I had found it, but I don’t know where it is. Still in all, the shelf works. I have a DIY dashboard, planner bags, pre-cut full boxes from scrapbook paper in the tin, extra stickers in my post-it pockets and photo pockets. Then in the basket that I purchased from Target years ago, I have my journaling cards separated in photo boxes by size and paper pads from AC Moore.

Overall I’m content with my setup it’s just that middle shelf that I have to work on. I’m not sure exactly what I would put there. The top is perfection for me and I love my list pads on the bottom, but the middle is eh for me. Links to storage featured below:

Ready to plan? Click HERE for my Planning for Beginners series.

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