Dollar Tree DIY | Greeting Cards

If you’re a new reader to my blog, first and foremost, welcome. If you’re a frequent reader, welcome back. Chaotic Critic is all about crushing the chaos in your daily life by providing tips & tricks to staying organized, motivated, and inspired.

I love sharing personal stories in hopes of helping someone else, tons of planner tips, organization, and DIYs. In this post I’ll be sharing a quick and easy DIY greeting card with stickers from Dollar Tree. As always, be sure to click the links throughout the post for related posts/links to purchase.

Most of my DIYs are based around projects that I have created for the local nursing home in connection with my church or for my job as I work with three-five year olds. The cards created were made for those at the nursing home. My church has been involved with this outreach for as long as I can remember and they visit 7 months of the year. Being that May is the closing month, I created cards for both Mother’s Day and Father’s day with the message reading:

Just because you don’t see God’s hand, don’t question his plan.

I created super easy card using card around Christmas using photo paper and sharpies I had purchased from Dollar Tree. I had a lot of supplies that I had recently organized in my craft closet so I wanted to make use of what I had without having to purchase anything else. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • blanks cards or card stock
  • Sharpie pens
  • double stick tape
  • washi tape
  • Dollar Tree fashion duct tape
  • Dollar Tree 3D stickers

In making the women’s cards I used white blank cards that I had left over from my DIY college graduation announcements I had never thrown away. My grandmother also had card maker kits that she had been hoarding and not using so I went through, sorted the supplies of the kits, and made use of what I could for the cards. One was specifically for Father’s Day and the other had scalloped detail that I maximized by cutting in half. Same with the Father’s Day design, I maximized the cards by cutting where need be to get the most out of it.


For the women’s cards, I took the 3D stickers I had from Dollar Tree. I actually had received them from a tricky tray. I spaced them out throughout the cards that I had.For the scalloped cards, I just took a sharpie and outlined. I really wanted to use what I had and not go and buy any extra stickers so then I started using some stickers I had in my sticker stash on the back.


As for the men, I’m glad that the paper was printed. It made it easier to just write the note as the print was a design in itself. Being that I cut the cards to maximize they were in a variety of sizes, but the worked. For the larger ones I had gold foam crosses so I put those along with a label from Michaels on the front. The other alternative that I had was blue paper and I took the darker pieces that I couldn’t write on and filled the semi circle. I then added stripes of black washi and a phrase sticker I had in my stash. Really easy.


Make use of what you have. If you can’t use it for what you intended it for, find another use. For the black paper, I didn’t have a white pen to write on it and I didn’t want to not use the print so I found another way to use it. For the women’s cards I had the left over circles from the red cards and I just took them and make lady bug cards instead.

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