Plan With Me | Finding Dory

Welcome to another post here on the blog. This post is majorly delayed, but let’s get to it. I’m a planner, it’s clear to see by the content here on the blog. This week I created a spread centered around Finding Dory. I plan to do one for Inside Out as well, but this one couldn’t wait.

I found the sticker book at Target around the same time they released their latest 4th of July collection. I waited to do this spread the week that the movie was released and I absolutely LOVE IT! As always, be sure to click the links below for related posts and links to purchase items to create a similar spread of your own.

I am a fan of white space spreads and white space spreads and that’s typically how I like to plan my spreads. I make my plans for each day the night before along with filling in anything else for the current day. In other words, I like to keep my spread fairly empty as it builds quickly throughout the week. As always, I need my top 3 of the day, a weekend banner is optional, but since I have them I use them.

When it comes to my sidebar, I always cover the calendar with a quote sticker, or if I’m using a kit, a full box sticker. I like to have a running to do list and a homework list for the week. When I’m not taking classes, the homework list turns to a cleaning list.

This spread was so fun to make based off the sticker book. The stickers were huge and I made use of the bottom to use larger ones. The only thing I would’ve changed about this spread was covering the quote and design with regular computer paper and then layering the washi. The larger stickers really helped fill out the space. Aside from the larger stickers, the bubbles really helped to add here and there to the empty space.

I mentioned in my Planner Favorites that I love layering stickers. As the week progressed, which you’ll see in my June Recap, I made use of the half boxes by layering stickers. I have a list of stickers I want to buy on Etsy and half boxes are essential. If you’re new to stickers check out both my Sticker Stash and Etsy Stickers 101 recommendations.

Stickers/Washi Used:

Want to get started planning? Want a little more PLANNERspiration? Click HERE for my Planning for Beginners series.

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