Planner Favorites | Stickers, Washi, Shops, & MORE!

Welcome to another post here on the blog. I have been on quite the roll to get back on track with content for you guys. If you missed yesterdays double post, be sure to click the links below and as always click all the links throughout the post for related posts and links to purchase.

I became engrossed in the planner community last May when I first purchased my Happy Planner. I had always used a planner, but this was planning on another level. I felt more accountable to get things done since I wrote it down and I have shared my love for planning with friends.

I wanted to share my planner favorites with you all so let’s get started.


Washi is the easiest way to decorate your planner. You can make flags, with the right pen you can write on top of it. You can use it to block of sections of time. You can use it to make both full and half boxes. I’ve been experimenting with washi lately. I definitely have incorporated washi I have never used. I have found myself using the same washi over and over, but I’ve accumulated so much, I strive to make layouts around them.


After watching RubyTrev‘s videos, I really became obsessed with layering stickers. Whether it’s icon stickers on top of flag or a sticker on top of washi, I love it. I have taken half boxes and layered dew drop stickers and flags to mark bills due. Lately I’ve been taking icons and layering them on flags that I had no previous use for and voila.

I have also strayed away from no white space spreads. I love keeping it empty and building throughout the week. Even when I’ve used kits I always went with the typical To Do / Today / Personal. I now spread out my to do lists and add icons here and there. Some kits will create a no white space spread, but I also love to maximize my kits and I have no problem splitting a kit between two separate weeks.


When it comes down to stickers, I’ve accumulated quite a bit. Ok, I’m a hoarder. As I just mentioned with layering stickers, I absolutely love functional stickers. Whether it’s icons, headers, checklists, I love it all. They are the foundation to my spreads.

I also can’t forget the Me & My Big Ideas stickers. I love that they’re coming out with new designs and that they’ll be more than the typical 5 – 6 page books. The price will be going from $4.99 to $19.99, BUT you’re getting a lot of stickers. From the three sticker books I have, my favorite would definitely be the Life Quotes. I use them to cover the calendar in my sidebar.


THere’s not much to say on this pen besides the fact that it’s the only one I use. I do have the other colors and I’ve used them here and there, but this is my go to pen. I would like to try out the Papermate Ink Joy gel pens, but for now, the black Flair is my ride or die.


I watch YouTube more than I watch TV and when I’m not watching a vlog or a haul, I’m watching some type of planner video. Below are my favorites, but  if I had to pick a top 3 I’d go with CouponToProvide, Ruby Trev, and xoMamaPlans.


I have tried to order from other Etsy shops when I do order from Etsy, but every shop I’ve ordered from, for the most part, I love and I’ve ordered from more than once. There are a lot of shops I want to try out this summer, but below are my favorites.

Ready to start planning? Want more PLANNERspiration? Click HERE for my Planning for Beginners series.

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