DIY Event Favors | Cost Effective

I love creating DIYs and every time I create one, I’ll more & likely share it here on the blog. I recently cosponsored an event with my friend Amira who is the founder of Unleash Yourself. As a growing blog it’s always important to save your money where you can and I was able to create favors for the event that cost less than $15.

Just a little info about Unleash Yourself. It is a blog and brand that focuses on the importance of overcoming fear and unleashing your inner boss. The name of the panel discussion and networking event was ‘Unleash Your Inner Boss.’ For more information, click HERE.

For the event I created magnets that would have her slogan “Unleash Your Inner Boss,” along with mine, “Crush The Chaos.” The thumbnails were created using Canva and I used Pages to customize and it took no time to print.Here’s what you’ll need to create the magnets yourself:

IMG_3676The mod podge and the wood was what really cost money because printing was free for me. I purchased the wood from AC Moore and I had to cut it and sand it myself. There are pieces that you can buy already cut, which I linked above, but I couldn’t find any. Special thanks to my amazing boyfriend for cutting the wood. All together, with coupons of course, I spent $10 on wood.

The magnets were easy to assemble once the wood was cut and sanded. I glued the images to the wood with regular glue. I then took a sponge brush and applied a layer of . Don’t over do the mod podge. A little goes a long way. I had bought a 8oz bottle for nearly $2.50, using a coupon OF COURSE, and I barely put a dent in the bottle.

As for what I used for the magnets,  I had never thought to take them off the multitude of list pads I had until I started watching CoupontoProvide. I had enough to get the job done. I was going to adhere them to the wood using hot glue, but I used glue from Dollar Tree and it worked just fine.


I also created a goodie bag for the giveaway. I wanted it to be a reflection of Chaotic Critic which essential is staying on track. From motivation to inspiration, organization, and of course PLANNING. I added a personal sized planner, a mini notebook, some stickers, tape, sticky notes, and of course pens. I was able to speak to the woman that won my prize and she was beyond pleased with it.


I’m so happy to have been a part of this event and I could not be more proud of my friend. The energy was amazing and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store. If you would like more information on Unleash Yourself and Amira, click HERE.

Want more Chaotic Critic? Click HERE.

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